Yesterday morning the DEA uncovered a huge facility in Petaluma, California that was housing over 1000 marijuana plants along with a full blown production lab for hash oil.

It all went down with a search warrant that was imposed on the industrial park based property right off North McDowell Boulevard. The hash oil production facility of their grow op was described as an “elaborate industrial honey oil lab.” In total, between the hash oil production and the marijuana plants, the facilities weighed in at 1 million dollars worth of product.




With the amount of commerce around the marijuana industry at the moment this is a likely and almost weekly occurrence across the country, but never to this magnitude. Luckily they were served by warrant rather than having to be discovered through a huge butane filled explosion which is usually the case with these kinds of operations.

Last month, two men from the same area in California were arrested for hash oil production and last fall the largest local bust for the same concentrated substance was made by the DEA in Petaluma, California .

At the rate of marijuana related busts that are popping up weekly it’s likely that states who are considering or have already implemented recreational or medical regulations might tighten up. This could also lead to a ban or at least more credentials required to buy the product or tools to create hash oil concentrates.

This might also bring up the question of legalization in California that’s definitely up for grabs during the upcoming ballot. If the citizens of California can’t get everything together then it might be hard to reach a widespread legalization.


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