In case you didn’t already have enough good reasons to roll up a doobie, our favorite kind of green also comes with the doctor’s approval — and no, not just the 420 doctor.

As a marijuana advocate hearing about marijuana benefits always excites me. So to hear that recent studies and tests have supported some of the oldest claims about marijuana and its benefits is amazing.

The stigma against marijuana, which started back in the 1930’s by the “reefer madness” campaign by our own government might be coming to an end. The goal of the cannabis community should be to get marijuana legalized before this detrimental campaign will hit the century mark. The progress we are making now will definitely guarantee that the world will be able to greatly benefit from marijuana in all its great forms.

Here’s the low-down in list form:

1. It can treat your anxiety better than a Valium. 

But be sure to pick a strain that’s high in CBD, like many indicas. Sativas can overstimulate you and rev up your anxiety.

2. It’ll kill your pain.

For chronic pain, marijuana’s one of the best treatments there is. THC reduces inflammation, just like an Advil, but without putting as much of a strain on your liver.

3. It calms your stomach.

Besides being a popular treatment for IBS and Crohn’s disease, a couple of hits will do wonders for your garden-variety nausea.

4. It’ll help you stay in shape.

Not only does weed rev up the metabolism, but it’s also been found to improve insulin resistance in people who use it regularly. A study of its effects also found that people who liked to blaze 420 every day had smaller waist circumferences.

5. It might make you more creative.

A study found that pot actually helped people get more inventive with intellectual tasks that also required creativity.

6. It’ll chase your nightmares away.

Because cannabis interrupts REM sleep, your deepest stage, it’s harder for your brain to get all the way into nightmare mode. But, for the same reason, it’s best to be careful about not smoking too much before bed if you’re hoping for good quality sleep.

7. It can increase your lung capacity.

Scientists aren’t quite sure why, though: they suspect that maybe it’s just due to the deeper inhales on those bong rips. Whatever the cause might be, who does not want to be able to increase their lung capacity. You can perform better for athletics and you can stay under water longer when you crushed trying to surf the 20 foot wave!

8. It’s an effective treatment for all sorts of mental illnesses.

Anorexia, PTSD, and insomnia are all conditions that can be improved by medical marijuana.

9. It slows down dementia.

A study found that THC can slow or block the formation of amyloid plaques in the brain, which are structures that attack brain cells as part of Alzheimer’s disease.

10. It’ll mitigate your migraines.

In one fell swoop, a joint can spirit away your nausea, reduce the pounding pain in your head, and relax you enough to quit worrying about what’s going on in your brain. Basically, it’s like magic.


Cannabis weeds grow at the bottom of Dhaulagiri. (Image: Wikipedia)

These are just a few of the marijuana benefits. The marijuana community is at an exciting time with all the studies and tests going on. We are able to better understand the plant for what it is worth. The Chinese in the 1800’s were able to see the marijuana benefits, why is it an advanced society cannot seem to get their hands around the real benefits of this miraculous plant that could benefit us from an economic and medical perspective.

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