This past weekend, New York became the 23rd state in the US to legalize medical marijuana. Though Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill Saturday, it will be at least another 18 months before medical marijuana becomes available in New York for patients, something parents of children in need of the treatment fear.

Missy Miller is an Atlantic Beach resident and mother of two children, Oliver and Katy. Her 14-year-old son, Oliver, suffered a stroke in utero and as a result has a brain stem injury that causes him to have hundreds of seizures a day. Because certain strains of marijuana have received international attention for curbing seizures in children, Missy has devoted to the cause of fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana in New York.

Elite Daily met with Missy earlier this year to discuss her frustrations with the current New York political system, and her fear of losing her son. We’ve continued our discussions with her throughout her fight, all the way up to the big decision in Albany on June 19, and the official signing ceremony in New York City earlier this afternoon.

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24 Responses

  1. Niggas Be Trippin

    Concentrated hemp seem oil can cure some cancers and shrink tumors t an
    operable size, it has been tested and proven and a few doctors have gone to
    jail for a long time by saying this is true. The pharmacy does not want
    this to be known. Research it yourself and spread the word to those who are
    in need of the cure.

  2. Alan Reid

    Why do I work so hard to tell you about this healing herb? Why I cannot
    stop or even sleep; while the insanity of the prohibition continues
    millions of people suffer under the effects. Have some compassion you
    selfish and self centered generation!

  3. Sepehr Raad

    if i ever become like that, please kill me. i dont think that’s worth

  4. sharkfacestudios

    imo, let him die.
    you can’t keep him like this for the rest of his life, it’s fucked up.
    having hundreds of seizures a day is horrible.
    sure, weed might help, but he shouldn’t even have to go through seizures
    like that.
    he is so broken beyond repair, he’d be in a much better place if you let
    him die.

  5. GoldenZero98

    so can Oliver actually think/ have the same mental processes as a normal
    person, as if he can think properly but just cant communicate? Or does he
    have mental disablilities as well?

  6. Amithyst Stonewall

    Yeah.. call me heartless but I wouldn’t deal with a kid like that. I’d turn
    em over to child care services or something and let them deal with it. I
    don’t have the patience for normal functioning kids let alone one that
    requires their care to be a job in itself. Something like this you are just
    basically waiting for the kid to die in a few years and just clinging to
    them in the mean time.

    As for the pot, I personally don’t touch the shit for the same reason I
    don’t get drunk and severely dislike medicine that makes my head fuzzy, I
    dislike not being fully in control of my self.

  7. kevin cortez

    I wish God would make everyone normal and that this world would be a better
    place to live

  8. Captain_of_Solitude

    I don’t see how Medicinal Marijuana would help kids this severely mentally
    and physically disabled. I understand it would help with people who
    experience regular seizures but who are otherwise in full capacities. I
    agree Medical Marijuana should be legalized, and so should recreational
    usage, but that’s not the problem I have with this video. All these
    children who the video depict as “needing medical marijuana”. Sure, it may
    help their seizures, but nothing more than a few hours at the most. And it
    definitely won’t cure any from birth mental and physical disabilities.

  9. capitalkidd

    The only people that hate weed have never smoked it before, thier are so
    many benefits to smoking weed and truely the only negative is the fact that
    your inhaling smoke otherwise their is no reason it shouldnt be legal. Even
    just getting high isnt as bad as getting drunk way safer than alcahol no
    bad side effects i really dont know why its illegal in the first place 

  10. victoria khan

    I would Ask Governor Kasich of Ohio what it is he envisions for OUR state??
    Does he still want to create refugees who fled the state? does he want a
    compassionate state? A police state? a Industrial complex? what?????????
    Why GOVERNOR of Ohio are you so against a perfectly civilized medicine
    being legal in OUR/your state? You just think it’s cool to retain a power
    that allows you decide who lives or dies??? 

  11. Daniel Bartl

    New York became the 23rd state in the US to legalize medical marijuana …

  12. Frank Rietdijk

    The covernment is scared we are going to use it to drive cars make clothes
    and cure cancer. Thats why they put it next to heroin, i smoke this crapp
    for 30 years now and im not NOT addicted i can quit whenever i want!

  13. F10R3NZ4-74

    this creeped me the fuck out, i know it’s bad and he has a disease but when
    he got that seizure i got shivers down my back.

  14. OnlyHempFuture

    When the states are 26 The Federal ruling will fall by i self and be
    groundless. But remember Cannabis Sativa was newer banned only the
    None-Existing “Marijuana” was.

    OneLove ~ JBB

  15. billionaireboy toy

    Wow. If that were my kid I would give him the marijuana anyway. Fuck
    republicans and their fuckboy shit.

  16. Jmvnn

    This is absolutely uplifting for many people to understand that marijuana
    isn’t just a street drug and that there are many benefits for people to
    cure or diminish the pain for those who have some sort of sickness.
    Absolutely one of the most influential interviews you guys have done.
    Publicly speaking out for Olivier and to find more people who can hear his
    story and what he has done for people is truly inspirational and the same
    goes to his mother who has helped him through all the achievements he has
    received. Thank you elite daily on getting Olivier’s awareness out there

  17. GabrielTheGuitarist

    I’m going to have to agree with most of the comments. when you’re that far
    gone, is it worth it? If I was ever in that state, I’d wish for my loved
    ones to just let me go. How can I be an individual when I’m mentally and
    physically disabled to that point.

  18. Juan Garcia

    This is not even about the weed in “oliver’s” case, this kid is just meat
    how could a hunk of flesh benefit from weed? They’re not even sure he can
    feel. He probably can’t see or even think.

  19. Luis Guess

    That kid isn’t even alive he’s just there. I wouldn’t call that living.
    Poor bastard. Although if he was stoned 24/7 at least he would feel good.

  20. Goomba Pizza

    Sorry, I don’t mean to be cruel, but I think what this child needs is not
    marijuana, but rather euthanasia. He’s little more than his mother’s
    high-maintenance animated doll. He’s a burden on his family and the
    community, and I’d be okay with that *if* he were a thinking, feeling
    *person*, but clearly he’s not. Human, yes. Person, no. Personhood requires
    self-awareness, sapience, sentience, agency, and a bunch of other stuff
    that this human does not have.

    Even if pot helped his seizures, by this point his brain is fully
    developed, so he will never get the chance to learn basic things like
    language, tying his shoes, walking, or even rudimentary reasoning. What’s
    the point of it all? It’s not as if he’s gonna end up like Prince Myshkin.

    Look, if it calms him down, I’m all for the pot. But euthanizing him seems
    quicker, cheaper and more humane. This child is completely, utterly
    mentally gone and will be that way forever. The prenatal stroke clearly
    caused more than seizures – it caused devastating, personhood-eradicating
    brain damage. I wonder if the mother gets off on having her own
    malfunctioning animated doll, or if she secretly wishes she could have
    spent the last 14 years of her life actually *having* a life instead of
    having to care for this child 24/7.

    /end bluntness


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