John Wall is an NBA All-Star in 2015. He has accomplished a lot in the fe years he has been in the NBA and is only getting better. The Wizards are playing amazing basketball and are ready for the NBA Playoffs. It will be tough to get through the Cavs but it will be a great playoffs.

Count down the top 10 plays from Washington Wizards star John Wall representing the Eastern Conference All-Stars. Does John Wall have the determination and work ethic to become one of the best guards to ever play the game? Share your opinions below because we think he does.

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25 Responses

  1. Brandon Islas

    Half of these are steals and dunks in transition and the other half are on
    the celtics 

  2. mhasdfahjsdfajklsjghjk bjbhgadlfasgjg

    Wow, John wall is such a beast..
    Wizards = #2015Champions

  3. Diego fernandez barreiro

    John Wall uno de los mejores bases de la #NBA y en lo que va de año l
    mejor de la conferencia este.

  4. xavier decastro

    damn john wall curb stomped bradley beal on some gears of war shit lol

  5. Chimezie Metu

    Congrats Wall by Select Allstar Starting Lineups! My Boy Wall Is Time To
    Get MVP!

  6. Marvel_mercedes

    Why are the Wizards in the East? Washington is like the most western state
    in the US

  7. Candy Man

    2015 Western Conference All-Star Reserves:
    James Harden
    Kevin Durant
    Russell Westbrook
    Damien Lillard
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Klay Thompson
    DeMarcus Cousins

    2015 Eastern Conference All-Star Reserves:
    Jimmy Butler
    Dwyane Wade
    Chris Bosh
    Jeff Teague
    Al Horford
    Paul Millsap
    Kyrie Irving

  8. FiyahMuzik

    All these sick plays & #1 & 2 were those not-that-difficult spinning

  9. Oldschool Wiz

    There is more defense played in these 10 plays than in Kyrie’s entire
    career so far

  10. Michael Abah

    Lmao I’ve been doing those spinning layups ever since I was 12

  11. CarterHart Jr

    He just stomped on beals face and didn’t give a shit. He preferred to just
    showoff then care for his teammate 

  12. ADAJ3

    Please report trolls & do not respond to them, so we can enjoy this channel
    again. Can’t wait for All Star weekend.


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