Ankle Support, traction, and lift are all things considered when buying a great shoe. But, sometimes the best shoe doesn’t even fit your foot. Here is a 2015 list of top basketball shoes for wide feet.

There are four key dimensions that are important for basketball shoes. Traction, to perfect your stop-on-a-dime pull up shot, to be able stay on your feet and guard your defender, and run down the court with the best of them. Support, so that your foot and ankle don’t twist and turn even if your body does. Cushion, for when you jump up high for a rebound, block a shot, or come down after a thunderous alley, so it’s like landing on air. And lastly, materials, which determines the ventilation of a shoe, and how long it will last.

A great shoe will have all four of these in some capacity, but often there is another that is forgotten. Width. Sometimes the best basketball shoes can rip on the sides or consistently have that “breaking-in” fill because of their lack of width. For that reason we have a list, that not only let’s us know the shoes that will fill up all of the four major categories, but fit well for those whos feet aren’t on the straight and narrow.

5.Air Jordan Flight 97

Air Jordan Flight 97

First the air jordan’s are available in wide width.

High quality materials is a given when it comes to the Jordan Brand. Named after Jordan, who some fans believe could currently beat Lebron.

8top10 says, “It has a superlative sole and a mid-foot strap which keeps the laces covered and secured.” Mid-foot straps allow for a cushion-y feel even the shoe welcomes a wide foot. The design allows for high quality support and the sole gives traction.

Eastbay is so confident in the shoes they offer a “Fit Promise.” So, if they don’t fit even the widest feet you can return them with a money back guarantee.

These shoes are available for $75.

4. Jordan Melo M11

Jordan Melo M11
The M11 while does not offer the same width support as the earlier M8  although it is comparable. The M11 operates with excellent traction, “when dust was present, a quick wipe and you’re good to go,” according to weartesters performance review.
The shoe operates with unbelievable cushion, receiving a Hall of Fame ranking from the aforementioned wear testers article. The shoes supply excellent support, and most importantly for our wide footers, wear testers say, “Wide footers will definitely want to try them on. Once you get your size down, they lock you in perfectly.”
It’s a way of feeling comfortable and being able to breathe without your shoe being too lose.

The M11 retails for $160

3.Jordan XX9

Jordan XX9
This shoe is a lot like the M11, except it cost $225.
The newest Jordan doesn’t quite measure up to the traction of it’s predecessor the XX8 according to weartesters performance review.
They XX9 works perfect for wide footers, Gym rats reports, the shoe was ” Designed to provide a custom fit.” Meaning it’s materials and breathability shape with your foot to give a snug fit that’s perfect for the courts.

Jordan XX9 for wide feet


With that in mind, the support angle comes easily, and the traction comes naturally for Air Jordan.
Because of it’s ability to be a unique and comfy fit for any size. Counterkicks reads, ” It truly is a basketball sock – comfortable but supportive when it needs to be.”

2.Curry One

Curry One.
Soleshift says, “the Curry One felt super comfortable, running true-to-size, and built upon a standard D width last.” The width is one of the first things mentioned in this article. If it’s the shoe the MVP is wearing, you know it has to work.

Under Armour Curry One for Wide Feet


Curry runs high speeds then stops. It makes sense his shoes traction are ranked high on weartesters. “[Under Armour] redesigned the entire shoe from the midsole up, keeping only what works… which is how things should be done.” The traction is an improvement over the UA Clutch Fit and it’s clearly working for the Warriors.
Additionally, the Curry One ranks 9 out of 10 in support according to the aforementioned Sole Shift article. It’s true fit dynamic incorporates materials that are meant to last.
It retails at $120

They even have a Curry One playoff edition.

1.Ektio & Alexio

The Ektio Post Up/ Wraptor
The undisputed best shoe for wide footers is actually impossible to find. It’s on Complex’s top list, Best Basketball Shoes list, and Sportsxfitness.
The Ektio Post Up retails at $75, Alexio $120
The Current model the Alexio, ranks a 10 for 10 at weartesters in fit. The 10 goes the same for traction and support. It falls a little short in cushion and ventilation, ranking at a 7 for both.



But, if you aren’t a jumper and you play indoors a lot, this is the shoe for you.

2 Responses

  1. MaitlandFL

    The Ektio Post Up was indeed a nice wide shoe with fantastic ankle support. It is comfortable and plays well without limiting motion. Unfortunately I tried their new models, the Alexio and Breakaway, and they are way too narrow and will not fit someone with a wide foot or wide toe box. Too bad as this is a good comfortable shoe that does what it claims.

  2. Ernest L. Phillips

    What do you consider wide? I tried the Curry’s and I have never found a pair of Jordans that weren’t super narrow. I was super disappointed I couldn’t fit the Curry Ones.


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