2014 has been nothing short of a crazy year, and anyone who anyone in the NBA should be making their way to some of the dopest cities in the country and even the world. Whether you end up by a beach overseas watching the fireworks take over the sky or center city in the busy streets of one of the prime spots for some quality New Years antics there’s no shortage of a good time this If your looking to get a glimpse of some of your favorite NBA Players living it up one last time for the New Year then take a look at our in depth list of some of the most anticipated end of the year events that are going down for the end of the month!


Las Vegas


The streets of Vegas are going to be filled with more than 300,000 party goers. Everything’s going down on Fremont with three stages and nine hours of live bands not to mention the usual midnight fireworks experience and casino festivities that the city is usually up too.


Los Angeles


From the LA club scene to their famed New Year’s Eve Ball LA is definitely the place to be on New Years. This year downtown’s new Grand Park is going to be ending the New Year right with some mind blowing art installations, Live Music and a Projected video experience on City Hall.If the Downtown LA Street culture isn’t enough for you then the Monumental parade that happens every year in Pasdena might be more the right place for, Leaving Los Angeles to be one of the hot spots for New years antics, especially if your trying to escape the cold weather!


New Orleans


The Big Nola might just be one of the sleepers for places to be especially after the esteemed Mardi Gras Festivities that happen every year. Feel free to head down Bourbon Street for a party filled celebration, just like the past years down in the southern paradise that is New Orleans, the annual ball drop from Jax Brewery is a staple of the cities New Years celebration. With that said I can’t see how you couldn’t have a great end of the year seeing Mardi Gras inspired parades and endless madness in the streets cascaded by fireworks.


New York


It’s easily the greatest place to spend your New Years of course. With the Times Square celebrations on full blast along with a slew of concerts ranging from your star studded street festivals in the heart of the city to exclusive events ranging from Warehouse Parties and Bar crawls in the meat packing district to invite only club banger’s it’s the top destination on the east coast putting most cities to shame party wise, 2014 – 2015 won’t disappoint!



The club goer’s prime destination is of Miami Florida is definitely a New Year’s Eve must see this year, bringing in the Largest fireworks display to date along with over 250,000 Festival goers which will surely be topped coming into 2015.


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