With the deadline for NBA trades coming to an end within the next month, it looks like teams will be scrambling to get their fix. So far we’ve already seen Rajon Rondo to the Mavericks, JR Smith to the Cavaliers, and Dion Waiters to the Oklahoma City Thunder so who knows whats going down next in the trade side of the game. With the season shaping up to be an interesting one and the All Star Game being just around the corner, lets take a look at some of our top prospects and spill some trade secrets:


Reggie Jackson – Oklahoma City Thunder

After Dion Waiters stole the limelight from Reggie Jackson it started to make him seem like an obsolete player. Jackson’s a free agent this year and it looks like the Thunder’s leaning towards not re-signing him.


Brook Lopez – Brooklyn Nets

The buzz behind Lopez leaving the Brooklyn Nets has been going on for a while now and with a month left for trades This is probably the year it finally happens. Lopez has been injured far too many times and because of his poor performance he lost his starting job to Mason Plumlee. Being only 26 he definitely has a long way to go but there’s a slew of teams that would be willing to pick him up during the postseason.


Lance Stephenson – Charlotte Hornets

After sweeping up Stephenson from the Indiana Pacers this off-season in hopes of building a team that could bring home an Eastern Conference championship, he unfortunately hasn’t lived up to the hype that everyone had anticipated. His performance on the court definitely hurt his value as a player on the team but I think the hornets would be a weaker team without him. Both The Brooklyn Nets and Lance Stephenson’s former team, the Indiana Pacers might want to bring him back on to their squad within a month.



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