We all know that NBA players smoke weed.  At least, some of them do.  Maybe not during the season itself, but over the summer?  Half these guys are lighting up like they’re Method Man.

Which got us to thinking: some of these guys would probably be pretty damn fun to smoke with.  Not only because they’re all richer than butter, but also because a lot of them possess quirky and borderline crazy personalities.

Imagine lighting up a blunt with Ron Art… uhh, excuse me — with Metta World Peace?  Or clearing the bong while you watch Antoine Walker do the Walker Wiggle?  I can hardly think of anything more glorious.

So with that in mind, we’re listing out the five current NBA players that we’d most like to share a toke with.  Spin one up, light the tip and enjoy the list:

5.  Kelly Olynyk

I’ll admit, the goofy Canadian big man finds himself on this list due more to his appearance than anything else.  Okay, okay — due entirely to his appearance.

He looks as though Silent Bob is about to pop out from behind him at any minute.  I have no idea what his personality is actually like, or whether smoking with him would be any fun at all.  But that being said, he’s the closest thing we’ve got to an actual hippie in the NBA, and that has to count for something, right?

4.  Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard may seem like a strange candidate for these rankings, as he’s a fairly clean-cut guy and hasn’t shown much of a wild side over his time in the league so far.

Source: uproxx.com

Source: uproxx.com

A little known fact about Dame, though, is that he’s almost just as good of a rapper as he is a baller.  Smoking down and getting him to drop a freestyle or two would be a hell of a way to spend an afternoon.  Plus he plays in Portland, so you already know that he knows where to get some dank.

3.  Kendrick Perkins


Just because it would be hilarious to smoke with someone who was making this face the entire time.  Not only that, but I’d really like to get Perk’s opinion on this play.  What exactly was going through his mind there?

It almost looks like he was shuffling around on purpose at the end.  Like, the first six or so steps were by accident, and then he was just like “screw it — if nobody ain’t gonna call it, I might as well dance a little.”  Hearing his take on the play –whatever it may be — would be nothing short of priceless.

2.  J. R. Smith aka J.R. Spliff

I don’t care if you watch basketball or not, smoking a blunt with J.R. Smith would be good times. Smith has been seen smoking in public. With his personality you know being high with him will leave you laughing.



Few remember this now, but in 2103, Smith got in trouble for marijuana possession for five games because of a violation of the NBA Anti-Drug policy.  The NBA does not have a strict anti-marijuana program so that helped Smith out. 

1.  Nick “Swaggy P” Young

His nickname is freakin’ Swaggy P.  And he gave it to himself.  And he also claimed that it came to him in a vision from God.  Need I say more?

No, I really needn’t — but I will anyway.  Nick Young seems like an absolute moron, and he’s not a particularly good or effective basketball player, but man is the guy hilarious.

I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that he not only smokes weed in the offseason, but does it quite frequently.  I’d also be willing to bet that joining him while he does so would be tear-jerkingly funny.  In terms of NBA ballers you’d want to light one up with, Swaggy P just has to take the cake.

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