During the Spring lawmaking season Louisiana will bring up the option to legalize Medical Marijuana. Marijuana was cleared for medical purposes throughout Louisiana in 1991, but the current laws in effect hinder legal dispensing of the substance. Doctors can legally prescribe cannabis, patients can legally self medicate, but there is no way to obtain it.  Dalton Honore of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has taken the liberty of pre-filing a bill that would completely change these outdated laws, allowing citizens to be able to access the natural remedy.

“I think the state needs to move its discussion on this. The polls show people 80 percent in favor it,”  said Honore

During 2014 LSU did a Survey on citizens who approve Marijuana Legalization which and 79 percent of it’s participants said yes.  Allowing patients in Louisiana to purchase the plant will open up unseen commerce for the state that can promote a healthy economy. Mills, a Louisiana based pharmacist, said he plans to introduce another medical marijuana bill this year,  he just needs support from the sheriffs and other law enforcement officials before he makes any headway on the project. Dispensaries might even begin to pop up on Indian reservations as well through loopholes in Louisiana state legislature. At this point the United States Department of Justice has said that they will not stop Indian Tribes from cultivating marijuana. With more than three different Indian tribes throughout Louisiana including the Coushatta Tribe which owns 5000 acres of land, this might be a serious uprising towards legalized medical use as well.


“I am willing to compromise so we don’t get in a log jam,” Mills said.

Source: http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2015/02/medicinal_marijuana_louisiana.html

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