Being an active stoner hero isn’t always a walk in the park, sometimes it takes a run in the park to get the double body high going. One body high from a motivating sativa smoke-out, the other from the commonly-felt ‘runner’s high’ one can achieve with even a mild jogging pace.

Many times when cannabis enthusiasts – or any person, for that matter – hear the word ‘run’, it typically elicits visions of sweat-drenched t-shirts and a constant gasping for air. But with a solid goal, a few mental tricks, and a firm motivator (Green Crack is a personal favorite), it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Sign Up, Get Out

The easiest way to get motivated to run a certain distance, is to sign up for a race of that distance, even if you’re completely out of shape. A solid month or two is all it takes to go from melting into the couch, to forgetting it exists.
Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, find a race that is in the neighborhood, or that donates to a cause you wish to support. Most importantly, be sure to click ‘register’ and get yourself signed up!

There is no shame is admitting that 5k’s are still a lofty goal, if that’s the case. Don’t get trapped into thinking a 5 kilometer race is somehow not a goal that tests a person’s true grit and resolve because the distance is short.
Those that attempt to convince you of this are the mortal enemy of the active stoner hero. This active stoner hero has been running distance races since high school, and 5k’s are still by far the most fun while still remaining a challenge when attempting to PR.

Most of all, don’t get discouraged. Have to walk every half mile? That’s just fine. Once again, be realistic with yourself and set a pace that increases your heart rate, without kicking your ass. Just attempting a distance race makes you an active stoner hero, not the result of that race, itself.
Signing up for a race and being at the start line on race day are still two of the highest and hardest hurdles to overcome for many. If that’s the case, DnD has some mental tricks that keep us focused and motivated. And we’re not talking high quality sativa…yet.

Retrain Your Brain

Ask nearly any Coloradan, save maybe the hardcore, professional runners, and most will tell you that hiking is far more appealing a pastime than running. If this sounds familiar, try this mental trick to get you out for those hard-to-get-started training jogs:

Think of running a 5k as the same thing as hiking for 20-30 minutes. An activity nearly everyone can do, no matter his or her fitness level.
Hiking fitness comes from conquering an incline at a steady walking pace. Just think of running as exactly the same thing, except without the incline. So, instead the foot pace must be increased slightly to make up for lack of incline.

Train your mind to associate running with a gorgeous hike in the Colorado backcountry, not with the sweaty, wheezing image mentioned previously and suddenly getting out to train will seem less of a chore, and more of a hobby (which it is).

Cannabis as a PED?

No, we’re not condoning the use of Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED’s) as a means to motivate oneself. However, once you achieve the state of bliss above by retraining the way you think of the term ‘run’ from pain to enjoyment, you can pair the new found enjoyment with a lifelong one: smoking bowls.
Experiment with strains and timing of smoking before a run. Typically, a high-THC content Sativa is a good stoned motivator.

Soon, you’ll find an optimum high that aides in making any training run go by quicker because your mind is elsewhere, as well as decreasing the amount of pain felt during the run.
Of course, race like you train, so be sure to give yourself ample time for a wake n’ bake before the race. Most races start at 9am or earlier, so be prepared to possibly see the sunrise over the bong. Not a bad image, there.

One thing is certain: you CAN run your way to being an active stoner hero. It simply takes committing to a goal, and mental change, and of course a bowl or two of motivation.

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