Here in Colorado, Spring is a fickle thing. Most days begin chilly but warm quickly under one of the average 300 days of sunshine. Some days break the mold and revert briefly back to Winter; bringing wet, sloppy snow and ice to The Centennial State.

It’s a tricky time to be an outdoor, active stoner hero. But where there’s a will and a ganj wand, there’s a way.

One firm thing Spring brings to Colorado each and every year is beloved Rockies Baseball. Opening day is April 6th, with the Home Opener April 10th.
Seemingly every day after that – or at least every day the Rockies are playing at Coors Field – is another opportunity to do the most Colorado action imaginable: smoke a bowl, walk or ride a bike to Coors Field, get a RockPile ticket – or better yet a rooftop patio bar ticket – and cheer on the home team.

 Smoke at Home, Not at Home Plate

If you go outside in any major Colorado city such as Denver, Fort Collins, or Colorado Springs, you’ll most likely be bombarded with ads advising you how to enjoy the now legal cannabis, responsibly.
The art on these ads may be Dr. Seuss-esque, but they’re no joke. Heed the warnings and get ripped BEFORE stepping out into the sun on a ballpark adventure.
Besides, wouldn’t you rather rip a nice, smooth glass water pipe from the comfort of a couch than a rushed joint on the street? Thought so.

 Pile Price = Perfect

Spend a bit too much of your budget on buds? No biggie. Just be sure to pick up a Rockpile ticket for only $12 and be with the crazies WAY up above a mile high.
If spending three blazed hours in the blazing sun doesn’t quite sound appealing, go for a Rooftop patio general admission ticket for only $3 more. The Rooftop was added in 2014 and makes going to a baseball game not as painful for those typically uninterested in the diamond.
It’s quite literally a bar scene with a baseball game going on at the same time. Great for when the Rockies ultimate stumble and fall out of contention mid-season, like always.
And that’s it. Sometimes being an active stoner hero means kicking back and yelling loud for the Rockies. Lots of heroes do it. Payton Manning does it, The Manimal does it, and now you can too!
Join your fellow heros at the ballpark, it’ll be a great way to plan the constant struggle against the forces of evil (read: the other team).

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