Being an Active Stoner Hero doesn’t necessarily mean constant activity. Rest is as important to the body’s health and fitness as working out, running, or any other physically taxing activity.

That’s why this week the Active Stoner Hero took a step back from typical activities to just sit under the stars. In a tent. In the middle of the Rocky Mountain wilderness.

Don’t get it twisted, setting up camp in the middle of nowhere still takes plenty of action and is definitely a legitimate form of exercise. Unlike other forms of exercise, however, the rewards are less personal, and more universal.

 Cannabis & Car Camping, the Perfect Match

There are several reasons why the simplest form of camping, in which all you need is a car, a tent, and a sleeping bag fits the Active Stoner Hero’s lifestyle best.

First, no matter how stoned you get, the innate need for shelter will overcome any and all feelings of laziness very, very quickly. There is little-to-no chance of NOT getting a workout, just by merely setting up camp.

Tent poles can be complicated, and take much finagling before reaching the finished product. The repositioning of the tent – and oneself – alone burns enough calories to allow for a lazy night around the campfire.

Speaking of campfires, the other innate need for warmth and cooked food will also play perfectly into the Active Stoner Hero’s lifestyle. Searching for, picking up, and carrying back firewood is always a fun, calorie-burning adventure for people of any typical activity level, even the stereotypical stoner.

Add onto that the physical tax of actually starting the fire, and suddenly S’mores are more of a calorie necessity than a fatty dessert.

Accommodation for All Types

Tents and toking, a match made in heaven. If you’re the wake-n-bake type, tents are great because you have all you need right at your fingertips…or feet, as the case may be. Don’t get high unless surrounded by a hotbox?

Tents are quite literally made to keep things out, and you and your smoke in. Maybe you prefer to gaze at wonders after a toke? Nothing quite like seeing the stars for the first time, outdoors. It’s truly magical, especially ‘on weed’ (as Jon Stewart would put it).

So, get out there and get high in every way possible! The mountains are calling, and you must go! And no, that’s not the fire flower talking…

Feature Image credit: NABD 2014 Smokey Joe via photopin (license)

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