Sometimes, being an Active Stoner Hero means you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. For most, that comfort zone, namely, is the couch. Pair a comfy, warm couch with the threat of rain outside, and most don’t even think twice and stay indoors. But not the Active Stoner Hero.

C’mon man! It’s 2015. We have the technology to be able to put up with a little rain, wind, or even snow. Don’t let mother nature get in the way of remaining active. Instead, employ some easy tactics to ensure you get out and get (or stay) fit!

Don’t Be a Witch

I promise, you will NOT melt if you go out for a run, team sport like soccer or flag football, or any other activity and get rained on. The sudden temperature drop may be uncomfortable, IF you don’t utilize technology to its fullest extent.
There are a large variety of light jogging jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts that will keep you dry during a freak rain shower without overheating your core if the rains hold off. Most of the time, the latter happens first, which makes the cooling rain or wind far more welcome for the former.
All the same is true about athletic pants. Rifle through your wardrobe for a few minutes and you will assuredly find the right amount of technology (read: layers) to remain running in rain.
If after searching the closet for rain gear you still come up empty, simply layer multiple Tees onto one another, the excess fabric on the midsection should still do enough to keep warm, and the every extra Tee layer adds another wall to block the moisture from reaching your skin, which makes you feel cold.
With current clothing technology, or simply by layering up, there is no excuse not to remain active in the rain. Besides, if you can train in the rain, you will have no problem when race day, or tournament time comes and mother nature continues not to cooperate.

Stand Up!

Now, for a trick this Active Stoner Hero uses when blazing before a workout. Most (good) stoners have a sesh spot at home that’s seated, comfortable, and easily accessible. Yours truly is included in this group. So, when blazing before a workout, after all the prep work is done from the seated comfort of the sesh spot, as soon as you hit the bowl…stand up! Seriously. Don’t blow the hit out until you’re standing. Not only will this discourage your body from melting into the seated sesh spot, it also brings the THC to the bloodstream sooner by not exhaling immediately the same way re-inhaling does. The more time the THC molecules are allowed to be taken in by the lungs, the quicker they move to the bloodstream. It’s science.

To all my Active Stoner Heroes out there, don’t be a witch! Instead have faith in the technology in your closet and properly salute the drove nation when blazing by remaining standing. You can push through, even when mother nature throws the book at you, I have faith in you. For you are an Active Stoner Hero!

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  1. John

    Love the standing up trick! I’ll use it b4 my workout tomorrow.


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