Despite a few epic rain events, Colorado is slowly attempting to dry out. 85+ degree days are beginning to pepper in with the inexplicable monsoon of recent history like a middle-aged man’s hair.

With every temperate day, miles of winding hiking trails begin to emerge from underwater all over Colorado’s four major National Parks.

Each Colorado National Park has a unique vibe all its own, much like the active stoner hero, himself. While toking at National Parks is still technically illegal, as is toking in your car, being discreet and not imposing on others’ hiking happiness while blazing a bowl is truly the name of the game.

If you can keep the drove on the DL, a high-ke can be the most mind blowing activity for an active stoner hero.

Dunes and Ruins

The two most eclectic National Parks in Colorado may make an active stoner hero think he or she is hiking in another state, another time, or a whole other country. Mesa Verde National Park, a 1.5 hour drive West of Durango, Colorado showcases native american ruins and cliff dwellings from over 700 years ago.

Pretty cool in itself. Add to that the fact that the ruins are in a shallow cave literally chiseled from a huge rock face as well as the adjacent valley floor and you’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime visual spectacular.

Mesa Verde’s ruins are so awe-inspiring that this active stoner hero is going to say something never before said in an active stoner piece, and probably never again going forward. Mesa Verde is so amazing, check it out SOBER, first.

If after taking a tour of the various sites your mind remains in tact and is not completely blown out of your skull, then think about supplementing a big of bud to enhance the experience. Consider yourself warned.

Speaking of mind-altering…places, Colorado’s Great Sand Dunes National Park is not the typical image of Colorado’s ‘purple mountains majesty’. Rather, the National Park just Northeast of Alamosa, CO is pure, sandy beach for as far as the eye can see (as the name suggests).

The Dunes also allows for atypical hiking conditions where active stoners can stray from the trails without much consequence.

If you’re someone who enjoys flying down hills while high, bring your slope-sliding mechanism of choice (read: snowboard or skis) and skirt down the sand on top of the National Park’s massive dune hills.

A few hours at The Dunes, and you’ll forget you’re only 2.5 hours from bustling Denver, Colorado.

Black Canyons and – of course – Rocky Mountains

The closest National Park to Denver is just a short drive north to the Park that shares its name with the state of Colorado’s regional nickname: Rocky Mountain National Park.

Located between Grand Lake, CO and Estes Park, CO, Rocky is known worldwide for its diverse wildlife spotting and variety of hiking trails – from beginner, to always active stoner, to extreme expert. Rocky Mountain National Park encompasses all that is beauty in Colorado.

Climb 14,000 foot peaks (Long’s Peak) and toke at the top to instantly takeoff to a [10], or casually fly fish with an incognito ‘J’ all day long, or even ride your bike up and over Trail Ridge Road, if you’re a hardcore active stoner hero. Whatever is in your head as the quintessential Colorado getaway, RMNP has it.

This brings us to the final of our four Colorado National Parks, the Black Canyons of Gunnison National Park. The main feature of Black Canyons is – you guessed it – huge black walled canyons running 50 miles long and hundred of feet from the canyon floor.

Located in southwestern Colorado, just outside Montrose, Black Canyons treats guests to many of the same amenities and activities as it’s northern RMNP neighbor. Tent hotboxing…I mean, camping, fishing, hiking, and even snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the wintertime are main attractions.

The large amount of rain in Colorado this spring has begun to give way to warm, sunny days. It will also give way to a beautifully lush wilderness in all of Colorado’s four National Parks. So, do your duty as an active stoner hero and enjoy the green!

See what I did, there…?

Feature Image credit: Rocky Mountian 0808 9 via photopin (license)

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