Even the most active stoner hero can overlook potentially pivotal training opportunities. One such activity that is often left by the wayside, especially during the most active time of the year for outdoor adventures like Spring and Summer, is lifting weights.

Not lifting does not mean you are not an active stoner hero, or in shape. This active stoner hero forwent lifting for nearly 30 years, all while being active on the daily and typically at very high levels.
With each missed lifting opportunity, however, the chance of injury to overworked yet not fully strengthened muscles begins to compound. Knee and ankle injuries are especially susceptible.

Don’t let your activity be your detriment. Instead, supplement…with lifting!

Everything is 4

While that IS the title to Jason Derulo’s upcoming album out June 1, it’s not what we mean in this particular instance. Could prove good motivation music, however.
Rather, take it from the Active Stoner Hero, if you can arrange a time to lift in your active schedule merely four times in the foreseeable future, the subsequent arrangements will become exponentially easier. You DO have time to lift, you just need to find it and commit to it on four measly occasions.
Additionally, do not be discouraged if the first few lifting sessions are short and sweet. Even a lift that is’ better than nothing’ is more powerful than you may think.
You can get plenty of exercise in as little as 20-30 minutes. Now I sound like a TV commercial, but it’s true. Don’t be ashamed. This Active Stoner Hero started out at barely 30 minutes of lifting very light weight due to a previous knee injury.
Despite just starting in January 2015, lifting has already healed the knee faster than ever before (at age 30) and has improved on-field and race day performance immensely.

If You Can…Then You Will!

First a Jason Derulo reference, now a statement that says nothing? Has lifting affected the Active Stoner Hero’s intelligence? Let me explain.
There are a bazillion excuses why you can’t or shouldn’t lift, especially during your four day trial period. Every single one will eventually assert themselves accordingly in the brain.
There is a simple trick to overcome the voices telling you to sleep in, or that workouts outside of an already busy practice and life schedule are going overboard, or that the weather is too crappy, however. Even being ‘too high’ to workout can be overcome with this mental trick.
Simply put, if you can push through what is seemingly the best excuse not to lift during the four day trial period, there will be no excuse good enough to break you from the habit going forward. If you can get lifting now, then you will always continue.
And that’s a promise.

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