Don’t worry. This is not a post about how you should ‘eat healthier’ or ‘maintain a better diet’, or whatever euphemism the diet fad magazines choose to use this month. Besides, if you have been following the active stoner hero series, you already have some healthy fruits and/or veggies planted as practice.

Instead, let’s embrace the reality of the munchies. To be an active stoner hero, it doesn’t take eating 100% clean 100% of the time. Instead, simply being mindful of the munchies when they inevitably strike is enough of a step in the right direction to count.

You Are What You Environment

The following statement is intended for those who use marijuana recreationally, not for those medically prescribed marijuana and/or cannabis for prior eating disorders or conditions.

Let’s be honest, munchies are simply a fact of life when blazing a bowl. To ignore this fact would completely miss the point of attempting to eat like an active stoner hero in the first place. Instead, being realistic and admitting to chowing down chips or popping cheese poppers from time to time is an essential first step.

In light of this, the best way to fuel your active stoner hero self is to create an environment of good food around you. In other words, if you know you’re going to sesh and need munchies, go for some better options.

Also in the light of reality, you know what your junk food of choice is, and by all means do NOT eliminate it…at least not completely.

Eliminating the one food that gives you joy when high would be a harsh to any buzz. Instead, take that favorite junk food and find something with one thing that’s healthier in the same genre.

For instance, if you’re a cookie monster like this author, look for cookies that have less sugar, or less high fructose corn syrup. One step at a time, whether running or eating, that’s the active stoner hero way.

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    • Coit Stevenson

      The ones on the left are crackers, smoked salmon (minced) and chives.

      The ones on the right are crackers (appears to be ‘pumpkin flavored’ of some sort), cherry tomatoes (halved), cream cheese and a chive top.

      Hope this helps!


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