Colorado has the second lowest obesity rate in the country, just behind Montana. But no one lives in Montana so let’s just say Colorado is #1 in obesity rates, for the sake of the argument. It comes as no surprise that Coloradans, in turn are known nationally for their active, high intensity lifestyle(s).

As any good personal trainer will tell you, however, you must give yourself a chance to rest, relax, and recover. Some may even say recovery days are more important than workout days in terms of muscle strength and improvement.
There’s no better way to take it easy, but still be an active stoner hero than by keeping the body moving, at least a little, and enjoying one of Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine in one of Denver’s 200 city parks.
Sunny days can be hit-or-miss in Spring in Colorado, so don’t miss the opportunity when it presents itself to make your way to your local park. Active stoner heroes can have their smoke and…ok the “and eat it, too” part of this cliche doesn’t exactly work, but you get the idea.

Stealth Vape-er

First and foremost, and as always, blaze the flower before heading out to the park (or any public space). Now that that’s clear, if basking in the sunshine with a weed buzz is a requirement for park chillin’, there’s always vaping options. Hash oil pens and personal vaporizers allow for the cannabis consumer to secretly smoke in public places such as parks. Most of the time most everyone else in the park will be toking up too, but it’s better to be safe – and courteous – than sorry.

Lawn Gamer

Be sure to pack your favorite lawn game for the park, probably before you pre-park partake for ensured accuracy and memory. If you don’t have a favorite lawn game, find one! Save a handmade cornhole set, most yard games are cheap to buy and even cheaper to make. Blazing and making things is another active stoner hero trick, and combine that with the fact that what you’re making will serve to keep you active later and you’ve got the equivalent of a super saiyan active stoner hero.
Throwing a disc, football, or any other type of similar object is also an easy way to burn a good bit of calories without feeling drained or killing your blaze buzz.


So don’t let a preconceived notion of “active” deter you from being the active stoner hero you can be. Instead, define it for yourself by getting out to the park and doing what feels natural. See you there!

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