Spring has certainly sprung. It began well before the first official day of Spring this week. Nonetheless, the marked calendar day signals the emergence of many from their winter caves. And I don’t mean bears. It also marks the beginning of the growing season in Colorado. This may have a large implication upon those who choose to grow their own. This week’s How to be an Active Stoner Hero comes with some sage advice: practice thou craft.

 Play Dirty

Despite the overwhelming supply of cannabis in Colorado, the price has yet to see a significant decrease on the recreational side of sales. Some of this can be attributed to the excise tax, but not entirely. This fact, in turn, produces the greater likelihood of home-grow operations in order to save money over the long run. If you are one considering the switch, be sure – before all else – to get a little practice in before the real thing.
Go out on one of Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine and, if you’re a complete amateur, at the very least dig something up. If you’re a more experienced gardener in areas other than cannabis and want to give it a shot, do whatever pushes you outside your comfort zone. First-time cannabis grows can certain do that, so it’s good to prepare without the risk of botched lady-buds in the end. The icing on the cake? Make farming a regular thing and farming will make you supehero ripped. Win-win.

Pay Attention

To everything. If pulling weeds, take a peek at their root structure, their root:stem ratio, the cohesiveness. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe not. The more familiar one is with how plants and soil react, the easier it is to transfer that experience between species.
The more detailed your knowledge, the easier the first time with cannabis will be. If planting anew, take note of failures, they often tell the most when it comes to planting fruitful crop.

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