Substance A helps you loosen up in social situations and makes you sleep like a rock afterwards. It relaxes your muscles, making you slur your words and blurring your vision. It has the potential to dehydrate you, and often it does, leaving you with your head in the toilet the next morning.

Substance B helps your body get in sync with itself. It stimulates your brain, helping you relax and get creative. It has anti-inflammatory effects that ease most bodily pain. And it doesn’t necessarily leave you too impaired to finish any work you may have.

What are these two substances, seemingly magical (Substance B) and, well, kinda messy (Substance A)? If you’re a cannabis user it probably won’t come as a shock to you that A is alcohol and B is everyone’s favorite green leaf.

Now, I’ll admit that I’m writing with a bias. After all, I’m a big cannabis fan and a medical user. But I also spent my college years enjoying that out-of-control feeling of being drunk. And for some reason, today I rarely drink — I’d much rather eat a couple of spiked gummy bears or indulge in a little CBD Shark.

The thing is, society has a bias, too. It’s still much less publicly acceptable to smoke a joint (or admit it) than it is to sip a beer or clink glasses of wine with a friend. What’s up with that?

When it comes to adult use of cannabis, double standards are all over the place.

Let’s fight back at them by supporting the good people at NORML, an organization that’s working to reform marijuana laws!

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