If you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, you probably know how amazing it is to relax in a city coffee shop with a joint and a beverage. Compared to the uptight culture of your average American Starbucks, it’s heaven.

And lucky for those of us who don’t love flying across the Atlantic, the Alaskan city of Anchorage could soon be the next Amsterdam.

According to Measure 2, a ballot initiative that also decriminalized marijuana, the Anchorage Assembly is seriously considering the possibility of letting people get stoned in licensed public facilities.

Basically, starting a wacky coffee shop might be as easy as getting a license to serve — or host — marijuana. Just like a liquor license, only much, much better.

There are two ways this could go. First, shops could become BYOW — Bring Your Own Weed — environments, where customers can toke up in peace without fear of authorities. That might be easier for most establishments, who wouldn’t have to regulate their own cannabis.

Photos: Wikipedia & blog.hostelbookers.com

Photos: Wikipedia & blog.hostelbookers.com

On the flip side, coffee shops could add a weed menu, much like stores do in Amsterdam, offering White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies right alongside your morning espresso. Instead of waiting all day for a cold after-work beer, you could just go out for a “coffee” in the middle of the afternoon.

Of course, it’ll be some time before we see any of these cafés in action. The state needs to figure out how they’ll be keeping track of who’s selling cannabis and how. Plus, they’ll need to set requirements for coffee shops to avoid legal trouble down the line.

Until then, I’ll be chilling out in my own personal cannabis café — aka my living room.

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