Anthony Davis is a basketball demi-god.  He’s essentially a 7-foot tall shooting guard with a pair of pogo sticks for legs.  His average stat line is just as lengthy and full as his trademark unibrow.  We all know these things to be true — nobody who’s ever watched him play for even ten minutes would try to deny them.  He’s without a doubt a generational talent, and his career is really just getting started.

Which begs the question: could Anthony Davis, when it’s all said and done, be a top 5 player of all-time?

Well, that makes the matter at hand a bit murkier.  We’re talking the Mount Rushmore of basketball, here.  Names like Jordan, Bird, Magic, Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, LeBron, Duncan and Kobe all come to mind long before that of The Brow.
He’d have to have a markedly better career than at least five of those guys just to have a chance at cracking the top 5.

Seems like a tall order.  But Davis himself seems to think it’s well within his twelve-foot-long reach.  The Brow recently sat down with Scoop Davis to discuss a whole host of things, including where he sees himself finishing in the pantheon of all-time ballers.

I want to be in everyone’s top five of all time with no hesitation. That’s my goal,

Davis was quoted as saying.  Now, it might not happen, it may not be there for me, but that’s how I envision playing out my career to get to that level.

It may sound a bit bold and/or arrogant on its face, but dig a little deeper and the stats support the notion that it’s not very far out of the question.  Davis’s current PER of 30.88 would rank as the 11th best mark of all-time in that stat, and is the highest ever for any player under the age of 23.
In other words, we might as well get our chisels ready right now, because as long as he avoids serious injury, it seems there’s a good chance that basketball’s Mount Rushmore is where he’s headed.

Man, is that ‘brow gonna look weird in stone.

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  1. jeffrey

    yes he does. dude is only in his second year and has huge potential.


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