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The 2011-12 basketball season marks the peak of the Baltimore Crime Stopper’s HS basketball career. Becoming a state champion, Aquille Carr has accomplished a goal that many high school athletes aspire to achieve. With the high school season coming to a close, here we have for you Aquille Carr’s official season mixtape of the 2011-12 basketball season.

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25 Responses

  1. Trey Jeffries

    WARNING!!! Befrore watching the video please excuse all kids because the
    crossovers performed in this video are extremely nasty. Side effects
    include broken ankles, getting dunked on and straight out embarassment. You
    may now scroll up and continue watching the video.

  2. Kyriehandles2

    Actually Aquille Carr’s vertical is 48 inches and they said nate’s is 43
    from the stats lol


    if people thing he’d get drafted in the lottery you need to check again but
    he is the man of the hour

  4. Nick Nelson

    Yet he goes to some of the most elite basketball camps with the most elite
    players and looks just as good as he did in this video.

  5. 2NEVAREZ3

    He’s a great ball handler, don’t get me wrong, but I think I saw one left
    handed layup in that entire clip.

  6. ballwizard6

    yeah, wel see if he even gets there.its really tough for short players to
    get to play nba level

  7. Khristshon Garey

    I don’t see how he didn’t get a scholarship somewhere , I mean look at the
    rookies that are gonna be coming in next year they’re gonna be terrible


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