We went to the Auburn Arena to see what it had to offer in the realm of basketball trick shots. We weren’t disappointed and we don’t think you will be either!

Rather watch some basketball vines? Check our our compilation of the best basketball vines.

Huge thanks to Head Coach Bruce Pearl for hanging out with us and making some awesome shots!

Source: Youtube.

25 Responses

  1. Isaac Ahn

    I used to go there for swimming practice!! I remember running stairs!!! Go

  2. Tom Ato

    It’s not the Legendary Shots (plural), its the Legendary Shot (singular).
    only that one guy made all the shots. Coach Pearl made a couple. And some
    guy threw a football to the guy that makes all the shots. Then the dude
    with the beard rolled the ball into a garbage can 20 ft away. :-/ Everyone
    but that one guy just jump around like a bunch of groupie bitches with
    Bieber haircuts. The others plain suck.

  3. Trevor Hudson

    video is so dope. shots are legit and i like the music lol. keep it up

  4. epicrandom0806

    dude perfect do these 100% better. you guys just look like bieber and his

  5. JohnnyBrutalUSA

    The students were freshmen when they first attempted the trick shots. They
    finally hit one when they were seniors.

  6. Jacato

    STFU about Dude Perfect! Jeez you guys are acting like the trick-shot was
    invented by them! This is an AWESOME video and just because it’s “similar”
    to other channels doesn’t make the video any less great. Sheez people, at
    least act somewhat mature.

  7. Ethan Frappier

    My god what queers, why do these guys and dude perfect have like 10 shots
    then the rest of the video is them celebrating.

  8. Taylor Fernandez

    Man I can’t stand the negativity on the internet these days, why can’t you
    just face the fact that these guys made some trick shots, based off of luck
    or not, they made them. I loved the video, keep up the good work, and do
    more football trick shots!


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