John Wall has become one of the league’s best point guards this season and has thus affected the Washington Wizards in evolving into an Eastern Conference contender.


Wall has developed from a young rookie being put on a team with tons of pressure as the #1 overall draft pick in 2010. He lived up to expectations eventually making an All-Star appearance in 2014, as well as leading the Washington Wizards to their first playoff run in six years.

Though they were eliminated by the Pacers in the 2nd round, the Washington Wizards being led by John Wall is now a dominant force in the east that is easily recognized by the rest of the NBA.

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  1. Julio Aguilar

    this guy is just a immature cocky high school player. yeah he can shoot and
    he can dribble a basketball but he has no talent to play in the league so
    he should shut up and respect those who have made it. Instead of trash
    talking, he should be getting some insight on how to become a better

  2. ImTheSecretSquare

    lol, if anything I think Tyrek got the best of it. I mean, John Wall
    outplays NBA players every day – keeping up with him at all as a high
    schooler is pretty good…

  3. OompaLoompa211

    LMAO people are still dropping negative comments about JW even in 2015?
    Stop tryna make yourself feel better. Are you a top 5 PG in the NBA? No.
    Have you been in an All star game? No. Can you go up against some of the
    greatest 1 on 1 defenders in the world and make them look like 10yr olds?
    No. JW has done nothing but shit all over the fucking haters. Have some
    respect for someone who went out and did it his way and is now the
    franchise player of his team. 

  4. KeepItReal ISRAEL

    It is always THE WORST out of the bunch to call for a one on one.. Dude had
    NO talent

  5. John Dent

    I really didnt think that Wall’s dunk was that great. Sure he kind of
    jumped over the dude, but Wall’s 6’4 and every person I know who’s that
    tall and who plays basketball, at high school level, could do that any day.
    Also Coger’s defense sucked imo, he looked really sad for high school.

  6. MrTedMcForehead

    0:59 carrying violation. Wall beat the kid 5-3 with one of the baskets (the
    dunk) being done while the kid was looking at the camera man distracted.

    I hardly think this qualifies at ”shuts up highschool kid”. An NBA player
    vs a highschool player who isn’t even a starter at juco should be a lot
    more dominating than this…

  7. Nick Ptak

    To anyone thinking John Wall was even trying he wasn’t even giving 10%
    effort. That punk ass kid thinking he’s a legend. That kid is gonna be
    selling insurance he has no game that jump shot is broken and he’s out of
    shape. Wall is top 2-3 PG in the league lOL

  8. highvoltage47

    honestly half of y’all couldn’t even score 1 on john wall so don’t even
    talk shit

  9. fliptthescript

    A high school kid blocking john walls shot and scoring on him. Looks pretty
    good to me. John wall should be embarrassed..

  10. Maurice Jones

    This kid will never make it in the NBA. His attitude is what will keep him
    from succeeding. All I see are kids playing what I call “Drag Queen”
    basketball. These are players who over emphasis things like the crossover.
    They try to break a person’s “ankles” as they call it. So its all about
    that instead of playing the game as a team player. I am 52 and play with
    kids all the time who I can outsmart. They are faster, due to age, but I
    use my intelligence to beat them. Many times they cross someone over and
    miss the layup. Its about show instead of the game.

    College Coaches will not allow that nor will NBA if he ever gets there. 

  11. Zachary Singer

    Lol at everybody who gets hype off this kid scoring a couple on some jump
    shots. Not only is wall practically walking the entire game other than his
    drives…he’s an NBA superstar…the man guaranteed is not fresh. You’re
    talking hours on top of hours of practice,lifting,more practice,more
    lifting…y’all just don’t understand lol

  12. Byakuya Kuchiki

    cmon people….this kid is great for a high school player.give him some
    credit…i mean seriously,john is an all star caliber nba player and this
    kid scored like 3-4 times.i know john wasnt giving his all but you cant say
    this kid dowsnt know the game

  13. tgo007

    The kid could honestly beat the some of the lower tier players in the nba.
    Not fucking John Wall though.

  14. jnixa1010

    Wall waited until he was talking to someone with his head turned on that
    last dunk. I really think that guy did not play too badly against him.
    John started trying as hard as he could, realized he had to.

  15. milontua

    Idk about shutting the kid up, to be honest, i look at shutting someone up
    by not letting them score once. Making it a totally one sided match. So
    that the kid understands how big a gap there is between me and him. It
    seems like john wasn’t really trying but he let his guard down and this kid
    got some shots in.

  16. bloomin tokyo

    Kid ain’t bad…fact that John felt he HAD to dunk says it all

  17. Miguel Almanza

    I like how Wall carries the ball so many times to beat the kid. 

  18. Matt Dong

    this kid is good but seriously, compare to John, he’s not even closer. U
    can see those basic move, dribble, the ability to keep balance and finish,
    this kids has a long way to go. But of course he’s way batter than me. LOL

  19. walkwithme

    Fast forward 3 years…

    John Wall is a top 6 point guard leading his team and will be an all star

    Tyrek Coger is red shirting at a juco. Last year he averaged 2.2 points and
    4 rebounds….

  20. Calikid331

    The kid was sweating hella hard and john wall still looked brand new. he
    was giving like 10% effort


    Can’t stop crying every time I watch the clip about Miyah. Keep doing what
    you’re doing Wall. 

  22. Dominic Lazatin

    it irritates me when everyone leaves off John Wall as a top 5 pg, they
    would always have kyrie ahead, when if you look at the stats, john wall WAY

  23. pkamvp

    Two people I can’t stand; Skip Bayless and Bill Simmons (love Grantland
    though). Glad to see him prove them wrong.

  24. Ethan Kalcheff

    great job. a few too many effects in the video, but that’s just my opinion.
    really good video either way

  25. Terry Clemons

    I don’t let nobody say shit about John Wall … This my fav. Player 

  26. hellrazor82

    great video man, takes a real wiz fan to make this lol, i like how its not
    just a bunch of highlights. You synced the talking well and created some
    emotion to it… keep making vids man, time for wiz to get some respect!
    been a few crappy years but they good now!

  27. WHC9

    My VA friends mentioned this to me and I must say this is some amazing
    work! Hans Zimmer + JWall = My two favorites!

  28. ADAJ3

    Great video, much appreciated. I made Wall and Beal mixes last summer and
    they are on my channel if you want to check them out. 

  29. Deshaun Jales

    good stuff man. Watching this young man evolve has truly been a gift.


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