Check out everyone from Dude Perfect to Brodie Smith’s trick shots. These new age youtube celebrities have made some of the most insane shots.

They use whatever they can get their hands on to make an unbelievable shot possible. A lot of people are taking to youtube to show off their trick shots, click here to see the best of Dude Perfects basketball shots, the first ones to do it.

Courtesy: Youtube

25 Responses

  1. sean morrissey

    epic basketball check me out basketball is my life plzz love you i even

  2. Exploding TacoCat

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. armenis7

    1:54, SOOOOOO FAKE!! You can see the ball instantly slows down at the
    second attemp..

  4. Tarmo Luberg

    too all dumb people that keep discussing about fake or not – you are
    totally missing the point on this video and you probably dont understand
    basketball. Amazing shots!

  5. Spencer Holtorf

    How did you manage to shoot some of these on the property of a theme
    park… I recognize the different areas of the theme park in Wisconsin

  6. Jake Witt

    Check my basketball trick shot out and give it a like plz!!! It’s not as
    good as this but not a waste of your time:) enjoy 


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