With so many great vines out there we provide you with some of the best around. Dude Perfect has become a household name for their basketball vids but we think these are amazing too. Enjoy them and let us know which one is you favorite.


Courtesy: EliteMixtapes

49 Responses

  1. Dwight Howard

    How is ther 2,ooo views if there is only 70 people int ha world holy fuuk

  2. Erik Y

    The last one shouldnt count because its a foul if the ball goes in from
    under the basket

  3. Dominic Haddock

    I saw one with kyrie irving and Tristan Thompson can someone tell me who
    the other guy is

  4. JKennyPro

    The last one was at my school ik two of the voices 100% are my friends from
    school… that’s realty cool

  5. Glen Belcher

    @2:33….so disrespectful lmao. Anytime your ankles look like that then
    it’s time to retire from playing ball

  6. Ricco Impostore

    3:10 isn’t even fair he’s like 2 feet taller than him. Of course he’ll
    dunk over the dude.

  7. Michael Robinson

    Mad props goes out to the white boy that took that charge at 3:11! He took
    one for the team! lol

  8. bobtastic47

    why do people look at vines as ‘achievements’?!!?!?! because in reality…
    this doesnt amount to shit.


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