So you like to ball and you love to blaze. Here are the top weed strains you should be trying to use both before you head to the big game and when you get home from a long day of playing.

Best Marijuana Strains to Pregame With

Prior to playing, you want to be alert but calm, in the zone but ready to go. You want a bud that will keep anxiety down, give you a nice lasting high and most importantly not make you sleepy. Green Crack is your go to.

Though you should remember to eat (It will stimulate your appetite), these nugs will give you a leveled high and plenty of energy to keep up with the tempo. The worst thing ypou could do is use a marijuana strain that is known for relaxation and sleep like an OG.

The Green crack will help you fight the fatigue late in the game. The hardest part of any game is the last quater. Staying focused and energetic is usually what helps get you through the game. We all hate when our shots start falling short because our legs.

If your not a big fan of the Green Crack, try out our other favorite, Jack the Ripper strain. This sativa strong plant is a hybrid that provides you with the energy needed to get through the game. It is not as strong as the Green Crack but it definitely leaves you medicated.

For me the lemon taste can be strong as I am a big fan of OG’s especially the planetary strains.

Finally our last choice is Ghost Train Haze. The Sativa strain has been known for it’s amazing pain relieving capability. You can count on Ghost Train to help you manage those sore ankles and joints that can bug you during the game.

Even if you find yourself stressed or anxious before the big game you can rely on this cannabis sativa to help you calm down and get your mind right. Last thing we want to do on championship day is shoot up a bunch of bricks.

We have all been in those playoff or championship games where the pressure and stress effect our game. Now you got some Ghost Train Haze to help you get right for the game.

Best Marijuana Strains for Post-Game

After the game, you’re tired and sore. You want something that will take the pain from your body and relax your mind (especially if the game didn’t turn out well.)

Kabers, is just what you’re looking for. It’s normal THC level is 25% and it has ace ratings for the high, pain relief, sleep aid and of course… appetite stimulation.

After those intense games the knee and ankle pain cam get to you and that is not even considering the back. This indica dominant strain has the right properties to assist in pain relief and act as a sleep aid.

Tried it and not a big fan? That is where the Girl Scout Cookies come in!

One best marijuana strains around, GSC is a hybrid that got its popularity in California. This hybrid is a mix of OG Kush and Durban Poison. These roots assist in creating the amazing full body relaxation that you get from vaporizing the weed strain.

Having won multiple Cannabis Cup awards you can rest assure the quality, taste and effect of GSC has been tested multiple times to ensure your happiness.

When all else fails, where do you turn? The classic Bubba Kush! One of the first well-known marijuana strains around Bubba Kush was helping athletes around the world relax after a long day of playing basketball.

When smoking on the indica dominant bubba kush your entire body is taken to a new level of relaxation. Imagine getting the ultimate massage after a game that leaves you feeling right. That is where the classic Bubba comes into place. Pain becomes obsolete allowing you to sleep and get that needed rest.


Indica vs. Sativa: Which One to Go With


If you end up with great ideas you have a sativa and if you end up in the same spot for hours without realizing it you have an indica. While both can posses a fruity flavor, sativas lean more towards an ammonia type taste while indicas are more skunky.

Also each type of marijuana serves a different function. The team at Leafly put together a great database that goes over all the different strain and what they are best for. Whether you need strains for pain, depression, stress, anixety or even as a sleep aid you can find the right strain.

In the past we didnt have the technology or research that can help us understand each strain for it’s true capabilities.

For those of you who don’t know, sativas give you more of the head high and indicas produce more of a body high. If you just wanted to smoke a bunch to figure out what you have it can get you the same results we have provided.

Now that you know what buds to play with, get out there and reach your highest game possible!

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