Migraines are Nature’s “fuck you” to us all. Nobody is exempt. Having a stressful day? Here’s a migraine! Got a big presentation tomorrow? Here’s another one! Oh, and another, just for good measure.

It can get really exhausting. Luckily, that’s where cannabis comes in.

Photo: Navajo Post

Photo: Navajo Post

Most strains of marijuana work as incredible pain and nausea relievers, at the very least helping patients take a blissful nap instead of staying awake in agony. Others actively kill the migraine pain and make us more productive, allowing us to keep working on whatever projects we’d planned before the migraine hit.

Basically, it’s open season on your evil migraines, and cannabis is the MVP.

White Widow, Cheese, and Jack Herer

As hybrid strains, White Widow and Cheese offer both stimulation and sedation to help you beat that debilitating head pain. Jack Herer, on the other hand, is a sativa that makes you feel creative and clear-headed.

All these strains are great choices for migraine relief when you’re not able to go to bed immediately after you medicate.

I recommend that you medicate by smoking the flowers themselves, unless you’re lucky enough to get your hands on any of the three in concentrate form. Edibles, sadly, could take too long.

Mr. Nice Guy, Bubba Kush, and G-13

No, G-13 wasn’t really engineered by the government to give you the toniest high ever. But it will chase away your migraines and also probably knock you out.

Along with Mr. Nice and Bubba Kush — all classic indicas with a bonus reputation for anxiety relief — these buds will have you set.


I recently picked up a little jar of this stuff from the folks over at CannaVest. And let’s just say that I experienced the difference.

You can either eat CBD oil or vape it for instant relief. Even better, you can buy it online, as it’s 100 percent legal.

Migraine? ‘Bye, ‘graine.

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