Some of the craziest scandals in the NBA have brought drama and problems to the NBA. Just like any other professional sport, the NBA, has had its fair share of action. Here are our favorite 3. Do you agree?

1. 2007 NBA Ref Gambles and Fixes Games

While NBA Refs has come under fire for poor calls during matches the world was shocked when in 2007 referee Tim Donaghy admitted that not only had he bet on games, he bet on games that he had worked.

NBA Ref accused of Fixed Games

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, left, argues a call with official Tim Donaghy during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Indiana Pacers.(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Further more he admitted to fixing games, and providing other gamblers with inside information. NBA commissioner David Stern denounced him, and tried to paint him as an isolated criminal, but the scandal forever shook what little faith fans had in the referees to being with.

In an attempted to add insult to injury Donaghy attempted to release a book detailing how he accomplished the manipulation of the games. Publishing was scrapped on the project, but excerpts can still be found on the internet.

2. Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest Fights Fans in Crowd

In sports there is a clear line drawn that separates the athletes from the fans. In 2004 that line was crossed during a meeting between the Pacers and the Pistons. The altercation began with am on court brawl that sparked when Pacers forward Ron Artest fouled Pistons center Ben Wallace.

Near the end of the on court brawl a fan threw a cup of Coke at Artest, striking him in the chest. Artest charged the stands and assaulted a man who he believed has thrown the drink.

Artest was followed by one of his teammates and from there the brawl escalated. Artest was fined and suspended for the infraction, and was subsequently traded.


3. Kobe Scandal in Colorado: Accused of Raping Girl

Few things draw public disgust like the term Sexual Assault. When the NBA’s biggest star is linked to those words it becomes a wild fire like situation. In 2003 Lakers star Kobe Bryant was charged in connection with the sexual assault of a hotel employee in Colorado.

During the trial it was confirmed that while Bryant did have a sexual relationship with the 19 year old, it was of a consensual nature. The trial was one of the most graphic to spill into the media, and while Bryant was acquitted of all criminal charges that damages to his personal life, and public identity would take years to repair.

Bryant is once more on of the media darlings of the NBA, and it seems that he learned from his mistakes. While most NBA fans consider the accusations ancient history, it was still one of the biggest scandals in the NBA at that time.

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