With so many guards in the NBA these days players are getting crossed up and we have the great footage.  Do you think Chris Paul is still the top point guard in the league?


Rather watch the best basketball vines around?

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  1. Blake Lipkins

    can u do a vid using tyreke evans and his hesitation moves and how to use

  2. Louie John Valencia

    Shake! This might be a little to late, but with regards to the spin moves,
    where do I start my circular motion? Does it have to be at north, then go
    for a 360 degree rotation following the opposite hand? And the behind the
    back? Should I go from where the ball is going to the opposite hand? (ball
    at left, move Left Stick from left to right). Should it still be a
    circular/half circle motion? Last question: What is the best camera type
    for you for playing My Player? Lots of thanks! More power.

  3. armando torres

    These skills don’t help……your better off learning how to set screens
    and picks ,etc


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