4/20 is almost here, and stoners all over are getting ready… to eat.

Pick up the buds. Pre-pack the bong. Roll up an entire pound of weed in a joint. Order all the pizzas!

Well, maybe that’s going too far. But you can never be too prepared.

That’s why we put together this mind-blowing list of all the very best stoner foods you could possibly eat this 4/20.

If you don’t have the munchies yet, feel free to just enjoy this collection of foodporn for what it is: breathtaking art.

A bunch of macarons

Photo: lukashim.blogspot.com

Photo: lukashim.blogspot.com

So artsy. So hipster. So pricey. Maybe just look at this picture while you eat a few donuts from 7/11 instead.

These totally porny chicken wings

Photo: Tumblr

Photo: Tumblr

Are these illegal yet?





Lil more #foodporn #sushi #fish #rolls #weedstagram #macro #photography

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Because yes, yes, yes. Always yes. There’s never a bad time for sushi.  

Taco Bell

This is how we do crispy chicken. Bacon Ranch, Chipotle or Mango BBQ. #Chickstar

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Live mas, y’all.

A little artisanal pizza

Make it yours. : @kevin.chungg

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If you have access to this pizza, be my friend please.

Whatever’s happening here, I’m into it.

Photo: Tumblr

Photo: Tumblr

A reeealllly tall burger

Photo: rebloggy.com

Photo: rebloggy.com

Deez veggies!

Photo: diningchicago.com

Photo: diningchicago.com

A super slutty brownie dish


Photo: Tumblr

And this amazingness.

Photo: nedhardy.com

Photo: nedhardy.com

BRB, making some dessert right the eff now.

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