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But first, let’s start with the best vaporizer pens for 2016.

Yes! we’ve had everything ranked according to vapor quality, design and popularity to make it easier for you to choose your next portable vaping device.

Here they are:


Price: $94.95

Best For: Dry Herb 

Atmos rx vaporizer
The Atmos Rx, as always, tops the list. It’s a testament that simplicity could still get you good vaping experience. Just about everyone loves this bestseller. The body comes in a lightweight material. The device itself can easily be disassembled into three main parts. When unboxing the kit, just screw the mouthpiece, heating chamber and battery together.

The Atmos Rx offers clean vapor because of the well-designed ceramic heating chamber. The heavy-duty heating coil also offers consistent vaping temperature for even distribution of heat. From the end-user perspective, the Atmos Rx is downright simple. It sports just one button. To turn it on, just rapidly press the power button five times. Press and hold the same button to activate the heating element.

Care for some oils? You can replace the heating chamber with an oil attachment. At just $12 extra, the cartridge can get you a long way with the improved versatility of the device.


Price: $49.99

Best For: Waxy Oils 

Stok vape pen
The SToK R Series Vaporizer comes as a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t cost much to own one. Yet the moment you use it, you’ll be surprised at how good the vapor is from your waxy concentrates. The secret to this high-quality vapor is the ceramic heating element. Call it a downside, but the polycarbonate (not glass) chamber is sturdy enough to last for a very long time. It contributes to the affordability of the SToK vape. But such quality does not sacrifice the ultimate goal of giving you great vaping experience.

The SToK R Series Vaporizer also comes in a lightweight design. The dark color makes it discreet for use especially in a less private place. And with a USB charger, you can be sure there are lots of opportunities to get the vape charged again for more continuous use.


Price: $59.99

Best For: Wax and Dry Herbs 

The Atmos Junior shares similar feature with the Atmos Rx. The mouthpiece, battery and heating chamber are all designed the same way. But with the Junior, the battery is obviously scaled down. When using the Junior, there is a few minutes difference in the battery life. But such is negligible if you don’t vape that often on the fly.

If you happen to be on budget but still wants to get the best of the Atmos Rx, the Junior is the best vape for you. It costs only $59.99, about $35 cheaper than the Rx. You’ll experience the same efficient heating element, ceramic heating chamber and an even more lightweight design. The Junior does give you more value for your money.


Price: $128.99

Best For: Dry Herbs 

atmos boss
The Atmos Boss is a relatively newcomer. Atmos decided to come up with a vape pen without the combustion issues. Thus came the Boss. You’ll notice that inside the chamber, the heating element is embedded. This means there is no direct contact with the herbs and the heating element. The result is pure vaporization without combustion. And by not burning the dry herb, you consistently get healthier vapor.

The anodized heating core means efficient power consumption. This results in longer battery life when handled properly. And just like the other Atmos pens, it comes with the same safety feature too. Rapidly press the power three times to unlock it. Then press the same button to heat the vaporizer.

The Atmos Boss comes in a unique design. Although quite larger than the Atmos RX at about 6 inches tall, the metallic body is lightweight. You can get the Boss in silver or black color.


Price: $119.99

Best For: Dry Herbs 

Atmos orbit vape
Another true vape from Atmos comes the Orbit. Inside the device, similar workings with the Atmos Boss are at play. The heating element is embedded, avoiding direct contact with the herb. The difference between the two models comes with the size and design. The Orbit’s battery directly connects with the heater core. This means you cannot unscrew both parts. Also, the Orbit comes in a slightly larger size than the Boss.

Inside the Boss is an LED light. Yes, the ceramic chamber makes this possible, making the walls cool for the light to be in place. This part illuminates the interior of the chamber. The added advantage is easier loading of herbs and more convenient maintenance.

Get your Atmos Orbit and you’ll never have to worry about smoke or any other byproducts of combustion ever again.


Price: $79.99

Best For: Dry Herbs 

g pen vape
The G-Pen Herbal vaporizer by Grenco Science is one of the most affordable yet high-quality pens. This all-black device boasts a very discreet and design. It’s lightweight, of course. And inside the G-Pen Herbal is a powerful yet efficient heating element. This means longer battery life, thus longer vaping sessions.

To keep the vapor quality at its premium, the G-Pen Herbal comes with a glass sleeve on the inside. But on the outside, the unit still maintains the external stainless steel. This creates added durability despite using glass for the chamber. The result is clean vapor from your dry herbs, no less. Get the G-Pen Herbal vaporizer if you’re on budget, and all you need is dry-herb vaping. You can’t go wrong with the quality of what you’re getting.

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Vaporizer pens are designed to be compact and portable. Their elongated body that resembles the typical office pen calls for slim external and internal parts. The regular pen-style vape comprises three main parts: the mouthpiece, heating chamber and battery. And the heating chamber either comes with a heating coil for dry herb vaping or with a specialized heating element for oils and other concentrates.

To know more about your vape pen, here’s a more detailed guide for you:
Main Parts of A Regular Vape Pen

This part serves as the vapor pathway. When the heating element vaporizes the material inside the herb or oil tank, those flavors move up the pen through the entire length of the chamber and the mouthpiece. To maintain vapor quality, the mouthpiece is usually made of inert and heat resistant material. Atmos, for example, usually uses specialized rubber for the mouthpiece. There’s no plastic smell, thus keeping the flavors pure until they reach your mouth.

When it comes to portability, the battery is the most essential part of the vape pen. It’s the main reason why you can enjoy vaping while staying outdoors and unplugged. Just like your mobile phone, the regular vaporizer pen is powered with a lithium battery. Of course, size does matter. In other words, a bigger battery means bigger capacity and longer vaping sessions between recharging periods.

However, battery life span also depends on a number of factors. Is the heating element energy-efficient? Or, what about the automatic shut-off feature? The longer the vape pen automatically shuts off when left idle; the shorter the battery life, of course.

Heating Chamber (Atomizer) for Dry Herbs
The heating chamber of the vape pen speaks the true function of the device. For the atomizer, an exposed heating coil means the pen could work for with either dry herbs or waxes. But such design almost always means combustion when dry ground herbs are used. When the material comes in direct contact with the coil — a heating process known as conduction — combustion takes place. So there is the presence of smoke. This is not a good sign for those who vape for medical reasons, of course.

To solve the problem, companies like Atmos Technologies came up with an embedded heating element. This design prevents any direct contact between the heater core and the herb. Thus smoke is avoided in the process. To date, the Atmos Orbit and the Atmos Boss have been the frontrunners for the “true vaporizer pens” in the market.

Heating Chamber (Atomizer) for Concentrates
For thick concentrates, the metallic coil is still the main source of heat. But this time, the wire of the coil wraps a material called a wick. This absorbent contraption allows the oil or melted wax to seep through the fabric and into the coil for vaporization. This clever design always makes sure the remaining liquid or wax gets absorbed. So nothing is wasted inside the tank.

Oil cartridges usually have transparent walls usually made of glass or polycarbonate. This makes it more convenient for you to monitor the amount of material inside the device. Others even had gradations printed or embossed on the glass for exact measurements.

It must be noted that your vaporizer is built for a specific material. Never use oils for dry-herb vaporizers. And likewise, do not apply dry materials into oil cartridges. Ding so would damage the unit and might just void the warranty.

Why Vaporizer Pens are Very Popular?

When it comes to sales, about 70-80 percent of customers look for and buy vape pens. Despite the more superb vapor quality that portable and desktop vaporizers offer, the pen still remains the mightiest.

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