Ever wished for a way to get high without wanting to eat everything in sight? Well, your fairy godmother is en route, and her name’s Bethenny Frankel.

The “Real Housewives” star has maintained the successful Skinnygirl line of low-cal snacks, booze, and health-oriented cookbooks since 2009. Now, she’s looking to break into the weed world with what some are calling “diet” marijuana.

Last week, Frankel visited a dispensary in preparation for the endeavor. Sources say she’s planning to release Skinnygirl weed in the states where it’s legal for recreational use: Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, and Washington.

Bethenny Frankel. (Photo: Wikicommons)

Bethenny Frankel. (Photo: Wikicommons)

While there are no details on just how Frankel, who’s 44, plans to have the weed made munchie-free, we can make an educated guess.

Research indicates that THC’s effects are the reason weed gives some the munchies. Basically, THC heightens our senses of taste and smell, which works overtime to convince our brains that we’re starving.

Fortunately, not all of marijuana’s psychoactive effects come from THC. Some strains are high in THC, while others depends more on other compounds like CBN and CBD, which work to decrease pain, anxiety, and seizures.

For these reasons and more, CBD-rich cannabis is becoming the norm in the marijuana industry, and I’m willing to bet that the new Skinnygirl weed will follow in kind. With the aid of a skilled grower, Frankel should be able to create a reduced-munchie product with ease.

Of course, not all munchies are created equal. And plenty of stoners enjoy a quick thrill to the taste buds.

But for those times when you just can’t afford to enjoy a feast, maybe Skinnygirl marijuana could be the answer.

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