This weekend, we took a trip out to the Blaze N Glory music festival at the San Manuel Amphitheater Grounds in San Bernardino, CA.

What we found there encompassed good vibes, great music, and the ultimate awareness effort.

Put on and promoted by event giants Live Nation, Blaze N Glory was presented to fans as a cannabis-friendly concert. Never before has any large-scale US concert been billed as a place where it’s fine for fans to light up, Live Nation took up the challenge and once again proved why its the leader when it comes to concert experiences.

Headlining at this year’s Blaze N Glory were bands like Pepper, Iration, Slightly Stoopid, and Method Man & Redman. That’s just a few of the incredible artists who threw down this year — and the audience showed their appreciation by applauding and cheering and just plain partying like it was 1999.



Not only did the marijuana madness bring pot lovers together to celebrate, but it also opened up lots of new eyes (third eye, anyone?) to the health — and entertainment — values of cannabis and its by-products.
After all, drinking, which is usually sanctioned for 21+ attendees of music festivals, can leave you dehydrated and unhappy. It’s easy to overdose, and the comedown almost always sucks, not to mention the morning after. Even its class of drug is “depressant.”
But marijuana, depending on the strain, can work either way. There’s never been a documented death from cannabis, and if you take too much, you’ll just fly a little higher for a little longer.
With friends and music lovers around, you’re safe. And indicas and sativas all have their perks, leaving their user creative or cheerful or in the mood to spread great vibes. Plus, how awesome must it be to have a whole amphitheater of potential new friends with whom to share that joint?


Maybe not this onstage friend, though.

As audience members were dancing and smoking to the music, bands like Pepper were upping the ante with the relaxing, inspiring, and elastic beats of reggae.
Have you ever had that moment where you’re listening to the radio and, all of a sudden, reggae comes on? Imagine that, but times about a million. That’s about as close as you can get to experiencing the full-on greatness of Blaze N Glory while reading this article at home.


Oh, and if you want more — just catch this footage from the event itself, and let Slightly Stoopid lull you into a totally awesome mood:

Were you at Blaze N Glory this year? Will you be heading there next year? Wanna meet up with the DnD team? Tell us everything, and more, in a comment below!

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