Blue Dream Strain Review
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The classic Blue Dream a combination of Blueberry and Haze is one of the more popular strains. It has been around for a few years and has grown in popularity on the West Coast. The sativa heavy strain can be found at almost every marijuana dispensary.

This type of weed has been cross bred with other strains to create numerous hybrids. Unfortunately most of them do not compare to this indoor from Strictly Og. The green hit is a blueberry scone taste, with ripe dark berry and sweet baked flavors. This batch had a sweet spiciness to it as well, almost incense like, giving it a unique warming quality. The near perfect bud structure makes it even more appealing the tangerine orange hairs let you instantly what weed strain it is.

I really try not to throw this word around too much, as it has been over-worn in cannabis reviews, but Blue Dream creates a wonderful euphoria. However, some find it to be too stoney a high. Effective as a disconnective treatment for depression or similar psychosomatic illnesses, it does offer some nice body effects as well — mostly sedative — but comfortable. Like a being wrapped in a blanket. On a fluffy couch. In front of a fire. While petting a cat.

I find I work well on Blue Dream, as it takes the edge off, but my work is largely creative and individual. I’ve seen others just stare off into the distance for an hour or stutter through everything they try to say, making it a poor choice for some patients when they need to be social or productive.

Courtesy: OC Weed Review

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