Blue Dream Wax Review
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With so many different Blue Dream strains it can be hard to find the right grower. I have tried many different Blue Dream shatters and concentrates so when it came to rating OCPC in Santa Ana I knew their blue dream wax would have some tough competition.

The strain Blue Dream has effects comparable to many other sativa strains whether hybrids or full on sativa. A lot of different growers have tried to duplicate it but many have been unsuccessful whether it was a lack of nutrients or not enough light. Therefore influences the Blue Dream strain and its effects.

As expected the wax had a great aroma and was the perfect density. After that I knew it was going to be amazing and was looking forward dabbing on my new e-nail with it. Just like the Blue Dream flower the wax had a sweet berry taste. Compareable to Blue Dream shatter, the grayish brown color is a bit dull to the eye.

Wonder where the strain originated? Blue Dream has been linked to Blueberry and Super Silver Haze (Skunk x NL x Haze).

The high starts with a heady rush as the vapor is taken in. On the exhale comes a ponderous daze, lending to the dreamy influence noted in its name. The lazy but thoughtful high is perfect for calming anxiety without a sedative effect. At the same time, depression is eased with its comfortable mood enhancement.

Source: OC Weed Review

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