As marijuana grows and becomes more popular, different strains are growing popularity from winning awards at events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup. A collective in Studio City is quickly growing from having so many High Times Cannabis Cup award winners. So far every strain I have tried from Buds & Roses deserves the awards they have won.
Buds & Roses is easily located off of ventura blvd in studio city and can be recognized by the red brick building they call home. They have the standard waiting room and medication room set-up with an amazing group of volunteers. Whether it was signing up or choosing my medication they know how to make you comfortable and welcomed. Aaron the head guy behind this collective takes his duties seriously and makes sure everything is running smoothly whether it is member service or the quality of his medication.

Time after time I have noticed the quality of the flowers never changes. They consistently have some of the best flowers in the area. The only knock I have on this place is the prices, at nearly $60 an 8th it is not cheap. But it falls back to the saying you get what you pay for and Buds & Roses is the epitome of that. They do offer some cool ftp deals and have daily specials available. Also make sure to ask about their veganic cannabis, its pretty amazing.
I have listed the contact info below:

Buds & Roses
13047 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA, 91604

Hours: 10am-8pm everyday

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