Platinum Cookies Shatter Review

Platinum Cookies Shatter

Today we check out the Hybrid Platinum Cookies from Kush extracts in So Cal. The premiere Extract Co in Orange County, we have been fortunate enough to try out a few of their different extracts and flower strai...
Goji OG Honeycomb Wax

Goji OG Honeycomb

When it comes to the best wax or honeycomb, there are great options all across the board. One of my favorites is the honeycomb from Goji Og Wax. I have always been a fan of OG strains and when it comes to conce...
Blue Dream Wax Review

Blue Dream Wax Review

With so many different Blue Dream strains it can be hard to find the right grower. I have tried many different Blue Dream shatters and concentrates so when it came to rating OCPC in Santa Ana I knew their blue ...
Concentrate Review: Maui Blue Shatter

Maui Blue Shatter Review

A favorite concentrate of mine, Maui Blue Shatter, will not disappoint at 78% THC. The marijuana shatter from Kush Extracts makes you feel like your actually in Maui after taking a couple dabs of it. Unlike ...
White Widow Shatter Wax
4.5White Widow

White Widow Shatter Review

White Widow Shatter has always been a favorite for its effect and smell. The original marijuana strain has been around since the 90's and has even won a Cannabis Cup award for its excellence. Originally from...
Skywalker OG Shatter Review

Skywalker OG Shatter Review

To prepare for this review, I spent a rare rainy SoCal day watching all 6 of the Star Wars movies in order, from episode 1 to episode 6, Jar-Jar to the Ewoks, in a single sitting. And although, materially, thi...
SFV OG Shatter Concentrate Review

SFV OG Shatter

Every smoker knows about OG Kush and a variety of legendary strains have come off of one of the original marijuana strains. SFV which comes from OG is one of my favorite strains and to be able to try out a shat...
Shatter review-green-crack

Green Crack BHO Shatter Strain Reviews

This Green Crack shatter came by recommendation of the budtender at Collective Awakenings. Check out the full smoke report of this beautiful oil. PDX Herb Nerd - Reviews of Portland's bes...