Gorilla Glue: Spotlight On Strain

Gorilla Glue #4 is quickly growing more popular, and there's a reason why: it's one of the dankest trees you can find. The texture of the plant is incredible when grown by the right growers. It's hard to sa...
Hyrbid Sour Diesel Grand Daddy Purp

Sour Diesel x Grand Daddy Purp Strain Review

Both Sour Diesel and Grand Daddy Purp are all-known marijuana strains around the community. Strictly OG has brought the tqo together to bring us this amazing hybrid. Many growers are creating new strains by ex...
Platinum OG Marijuana Strain Review

Spotlight on Strain: Platinum OG

The OG strain can be found at nearly every marijuana dispensary. Platinum OG strain by Stricly OG Dispensary is one of the better strains around. A hybrid of Master Kush (Hindu Kush x Skunk) and OG Kush, Platin...