California has been known to be the go to spot for marijuana consumption for quite some time now but with a staggering 4 states along with Washington D.C. flashing an approval for the recreational use of the herb it looks like they’ve been falling behind.


On the bright side of the situation the millions of people who enjoy the sticky green leaf throughout California might see some change from the upcoming 2016 legalization measure.

Last Effort to move forward with Cannabis Legalization in CA


During 2010 Proposition 19, the last effort that the state pushed towards legalization, was unsuccessful, bringing in a 46.5% vote that didn’t quite cut it. Successful legalization initiatives garnered much higher amounts of votes such as Washington and Colorado’s efforts, fortunately it’s predicted that 65% of Californians are looking towards the legalization initiative to come through during 2016.




Issues with Regulation and how to control Taxes


The number one topic of discussion for the panel handling legalization efforts in California’s cannabis industry is how it will actually be regulated. This panel consists of representatives of the nation’s largest legalization organizations including the Drug Policy Alliance and Marijuana Policy Project, and California’s leading activists and attorneys.

“We need to be politically active and come up with a solution, so that the people who are now doing what they’re doing at least have a chance to be grandfathered in,” said Omar Figueroa “We shouldn’t have to be buying a $250,000 cultivation license.

That’s a consolidation of wealth; that’s not a free market anymore.” It was recently reported that after Colorado’s legalization, deposits, applications, and licensing costs for a legal grow throughout the state could exceed $500,000.

It looks like recreational pot should be a reality among Californians come 2016 as long as the state and it’s officials can come to a consensus on the distribution and tolerance of the newly regulated crop. I’m betting on the fact that the good people of California can at least ban together and gather enough pull voting wise to make the new marijuana initiative a reality.

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