I want to take some time to discuss the latest trend in how you receive your legal buds, delivery. As a long time pot smoker and East Coaster, I remember (and dread) the days of having your local medicine man charge the crew a five dollar delivery fee on top of a twenty dollar, .7 sack just because we didn’t come to him. The thought of having marijuana delivered to my door was always a dream. But thanks to technology and modern day smokers it is now a reality.

States where I can have Marijuana Delivered

Since I made my first move to the West coast, specifically to the Pacific Northwest, this whole ridiculously priced, hard to find aspect of the sticky green leaf became a thing of the past.

I first heard of using a delivery service called Winter life Collective from a friend and thought he was joking the entire time that he ranted on about how you can order weed online and have it delivered to your door. One day, while sitting around my capitol hill based loft apartment, bored out of my mind with a few buddies, we decided to split a quarter after smoking our last dab to the face which was more cost effective in the long run.



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Just as we wanted to switch up our bud intake from concentrates to herb we decided to switch up our journey towards picking up our medicine as well. We were far too lazy and stoned to go to the other side of town to pick up a fresh green batch of Washington States finest, freshest, and greenest so I looked into my wallet which was regularly stuffed with other peoples business cards and found a little strip of paper with the number for Winter Life Collective on it.

First Time Experience using Delivery Service

I quickly called the number and was quite promptly answered by a stoney character on the other line. As I explained my order from the menu that the gentleman recited to me, ranging from your average New York Sour Diesel to a potent and high class Nu Wave hybrid strain I went with the New York Sour Diesel for a quick taste of home.

The most interesting part of this process was that the next series of questions included a careful analysis of the situation that the delivery man was going to be thrown into upon his arrival. He wanted to know whether or not he would be in an enclosed area to make the trade off or not.

This was important because he did not want one of two things happening; the cops stopping him and confronting him about the amount of Marijuana products he may or may not have on him or two, him just flat out getting robbed during the process.

Having Marijuana Delivered: Results from 1st Experience

Once I had my order confirmed it all came back to the long wait for the weed man to come through. Unfortunately, after waiting a total of two hours, he never showed up which was pretty disappointing but there was a lesson to be learned.

Only use Marijuana Delivery services that have reviews up, don’t trust everyone who says you can just go ahead and order expecting for the delivery to take place. There are now thousands of companies out now that are delivering weed so choose wisely! They even have marijuana delivery apps to make it easier for when your too stoned.


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