Recently, High Times magazine published this article of a study from way back in July, 2011. The study administered THC via IV to monkey test subjects both with and without administering caffeine simultaneously.

The results of the study are noteworthy, but are in no way surprising. The only major result of the study of the effects between caffeine and cannabis performed by the National Institute of Health has been affording every wake n’ baker, ever the opportunity to finally say ‘I told you so’.

Cannabis and Caffeine: What Are The Effects?

According to the study referenced by High Times, test squirrel monkeys were administered a dose of THC every time they pulled a specified lever. After being conditioned to pull the lever to enjoy a nice high, researchers administered caffeine doses to some of the test subjects.

These subjects administered caffeine after an initial dose of THC administered intravenously through a surgically implanted microchip after pulling the lever pulled the lever three times less than test subjects who were not administered caffeine doses.

What does that scientific jargon mean? It means drinking coffee, tea, soda, or any other type of caffeinated beverage while smoking will elongate the high three-fold.

We can hear the collective ‘duh’ from avid wake n’ bakers from here.

These findings were also demonstrated to work in reverse. Marijuana consumption has what’s known as a “potentiated effect” on the caffeine ‘high’ and vice versa. Unfortunately, because of the potentiated nature of the two substances, while taking both simultaneously increases and elongates the effect for both, it also decreases the ability to quit addiction to either substance by the same measure.


Source; Youtube

It has long been hypothesized that the main caffeine constituent, anandamide, and THC would somehow compound one another when taken simultaneously.

This is because they both bind to cannabinoid receptors (cannabinoid => cannabis) in the brain, releasing hormones as a consequence when they do. This study is the first to confirm this long suspected interaction.

Cannabis can effect caffeine such as coffee in different ways. Each cannabis strain has a unique compounds that have different affects on the human body. Sativa’s for example are known to be more of an upper/creative high. While indica’s are the more relaxing type that will have you going through your favorite series on Netflix for hours. Therefore the indica will react differently to the stimulant caffeine.

Want to learn how to make your own cannabis infused coffee?

Mixing Cannabis & Coffee: How Does it Feel

When it comes to mixing cannabis and caffeine, everyone can respond in their own way. Our bodies are similar but not identical therefore the expected effects of certain activities do not always pan out.

For example, cannabis is a downer while caffeine is a stimulant so naturally those two do not go together. But ask any of your friends and they will tell you mixing cannabis and coffee makes for a productive day.

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to cannabis, the sativa strains are more energetic then indica’s. So when mixed with any form of caffeine the two could work and create useful effects. Drinking coffee and smoking cannabis has been going on for decades. The ancient Chinese have been combining the two and reaping the benefits for years. Modern day cannabis advocates are finding different methods to get the most out of their cannabis, now they have found out why the ancient people used to enjoy the effects of cannabis and caffeine.

So on a final note, whats the best way for you to figure out how Cannabis and Caffeine will effect you?

Try it out!

If its your first time of doing either the effects might be a little stronger and could be reduced overtime. After trying it out and feeling the effects you can have a better idea if you want to continue to mix cannabis and caffeine. Everybody’s unique so you cannot say for sure how it will affect you without experiencing it.

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