If you’ve been following our Girls of Instagram series, you’ll know that we’ve been chilling and chatting with some of the most motivated advocates in the cannabis community.
This week, we had a great conversation with Courtney, aka @shesmokesjoints of Instagram fame.

With hundreds of thousands of followers combined, Courtney and her boyfriend @tonygreenhands, who breeds different strains of cannabis plants, have made it their mission to spread both good vibes and the right information about Mary Jane.

They’ve been involved in fundraising efforts, marijuana expos, and joint-rolling competitions. With these two, it’s just a question of what will come next — and you never know, it could be almost anything awesome.

Check out our in-depth interview below!


How did you come up with your username: shesmokesjoints?

My Instagram was actually started by a friend of mine, who was tired of me not being on social media. She started a Tumblr, a Twitter, and an Instagram. Whenever we’d talk together, I’d roll the joints while she smokes the bong. And there you have it.

What inspires you to be a cannabis advocate?

  When I was younger, I was getting a lot of false information about cannabis — from my parents, via teachers, and articles online, when I first got the Internet. I didn’t have a lot of knowledge on cannabis and its benefits for so many people. It wasn’t until I got a bit older and got the Internet and could look it up for myself that I really understood it. Lots of people said that cannabis caused schizophrenia, or people go crazy, make them lazy, you know. But I found out that I’m a very hyper person, so I have a lot of energy, so the more indica it is, the heavier it is, the more normal I actually am!   

What kind of fundraising efforts have you been involved with? How can other people get the word out?

I helped to raise some funds for a little boy named Tres. His mother’s Instagram is @brandynico. And Brandy, her son is now eleven years old, and he’s been struggling with this condition his entire life. He has this condition that would normally cause the face to split in half.

Most people with this condition are born with two different sets of nervous systems, which causes their body essentially to shut down. He was born with only one, which is the reason why he was able to survive.

Tres has close to 350 seizures a day, and they’re very, very hard on his body. So his mother began experimenting with high-CBD medications and seeing if it helped the seizures — which they drastically improved. They decreased his seizures from over 300 to less than 50 a day.

So his mother made a GoFundMe, because they were trying to move to Colorado so he’d have better access to higher quality medication.  You know, his family spent the last ten years not asking for anything, and then they finally broke down and made a GoFundMe.

A friend of mine reposted it on her Instagram; my boyfriend and I saw it and reposted; he rolled a Spiderman joint for $1,000 dollars, and the person who won the joint in the auction planned on raffling that back off again, also for Tres, although I’m not sure if that ever happened.

All in all, we were able to get Tres and his family an extra thousand dollars. Basically, there’s nothin’ better than a superhero joint saving a kid!

This Spider-Man joint was recently auctioned off by @TonyGreenhands, the generous winning bid was from @poochie_love18 All the proceeds are going to @BrandyNico and her son, Tres, who suffers from an exceptionally rare disease. We are getting ready to head out to meet up with @hesher420 whom is kindly delivering it to @poochie_love18 Thank you to everyone who made this possible and everyone who bid A photo posted by She Smokes *Twaxed Joints (@shesmokesjoints) on

  There are some people I know taking eight different medications; they start using cannabis and they’re doing just fine. Most people gain more knowledge by viewing others being normal while on cannabis.   Seeing all these medical patients who have regular lives, who function just fine while using either large or small amounts of cannabis. It’s really not a terrible thing.   People can still live completely normal lives while using cannabis. I know people who were prescribed painkillers, and it ruined their lives because they got addicted to them.    

When you raffled off the joint, was it the only time that you’ve done that?

  There was this thing called the National Joint League, which I was part of at one point, a showcase of creative joints. So we started rolling creative joints to get them out there, to show that cannabis can be an art form as well.   People create beautiful things out of it — it’s not just drugs, it’s also art. So one of my boyfriend’s things was to get joint rolling more popular, to open others’ eyes to the beauty there.  

  Leave tomorrow morning for Denver ^_^ Will be spending today in Portland before I head back north   A photo posted by She Smokes *Twaxed Joints (@shesmokesjoints) on

Dropped Tony off at the airport this morning before driving down to Oregon to spend a couple days with my family before going to Denver ^_^ A photo posted by She Smokes *Twaxed Joints (@shesmokesjoints) on

  It was the first thing he’s ever sold or auctioned. The Spiderman joint he worked on for the course of three weeks, a little bit at a time; the sword one took like four or five days, because it kept getting broken, if people would’ve just let it sit and dry…   Today we were shouted out by a fan who said, “I don’t even smoke weed, but this is beautiful.” One of Tony’s joints was supposed to be shown in a museum, at an art show, but it actually got lost in the mail.

What’s your favorite way to medicate?

It’s joints. I love joints. Especially wax joints, adding concentrates into the joints. It really… it’s definitely my favorite. I’ll smoke one joint myself, and it just doesn’t do it to me — but if I add some concentrates into that, it’s just perfect. It has a nice, rounded high.

What do you think the “weed world” will look like 10 years from now?

I think it’s gonna look a lot more like the business world, honestly As recreational cannabis becomes more and more popular throughout the state, it’s going to draw in a lot more business professionals who want to capitalize on the market. So I feel like it’s going to look a lot more commercial in the future.

What are you and Tony up to right now, after the Cannabis Cup in Denver?

Right now after the Cannabis Cup, we’re just kinda hanging out. The Cups are a big thing; we have to get ready. And now that it’s over, we finally get to relax. Today we worked on our plants. Tony is a breeder; he creates different strains. So today we took some pollen from the male and pollinated the female. He has an amazing job with the cannabis breeds, paying a lot of attention to the finer details of it. It seems a lot easier than it is. A lot of people think it’s just like “Oh, I just take this dank male and mix it with this dank female and it’ll be dank. Definitely.” But it’s more complex than that.


I feel so lucky to have such an amazing partner in crime ^_^ @tonygreenhands A photo posted by She Smokes *Twaxed Joints (@shesmokesjoints) on

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