Two recent studies of cannabis’ effects on insulin resistance — and diabetes-related pain — suggest that cannabis could help treat the metabolic disorder.

The first study, performed by the Infectious Diseases Society of America on 703 subjects, determined that patients suffering from both HIV and hepatitis c were 2.77 less likely to develop insulin resistance, which characterizes diabetes, if they used cannabis.

What that means is, we’d better keep an eye on medical marijuana as a preventive medication.

Another study, published in the journal of the American Pain Society, took a look at what happened when 16 patients with painful diabetic neuropathy (caused by high blood sugar damaging nerve cells) inhaled a variety of concentrations of cannabis extract. The results were linear — when they inhaled more THC, the patients felt less pain.

Both the first and the second cannabis insulin study are fascinating, not to mention prophetic. In the future, it’s entirely possible that our favorite green leaf could be working overtime in the medical field to make us healthier, happier people.

[Photo: Flickr]

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