Cannabis juice is a little known secret that has been around the cannabis community for years. Many nutritionists and doctors have compared it to wheatgrass because of all the nutritional benefits of the juice. Marijuana legalization is becoming more and more evident as every year a new state is legalizing marijuana whether it is for recreational or medical purposes.

Colorado has generated millions in taxes due to legalization in its state. The tax revenue from marijuana has been spent on helping out the schools and improving communities throughout the state.

So why has cannabis juice been underground for so long. Could it be the cost associated or is it the government not wanting us to know about it? To be honest it has been a combination of the two above factors. On average you need 15-20 leaves to get one serving of cannabis juice. Your average user does not have enough plants around to be generating that many leaves.

The next best option of reaching out to larger growers is unrealistic because many of them choose to use the leaves for other goods like lotion, concentrates or topicals that are more lucrative to them. As our cannabis research evolves we will continue to learn about the health benefits of cannabis juice in studies and tests.

Cannabis research facilities are becoming more common allowing for in-depth research to take place. As a result it will only be a matter of time before the true benefits of cannabis will be made supported in our community and those who do not believe in the benefits will have the scientific research to support what the cannabis community has known for so long.

Since the reefer madness of the early 1900’s, the government has been suppressing the benefits of Cannabis and all its great variations including the juice. While the prohibition of cannabis is coming to an end the stigmas will always exist. Therefore research facilities testing marijuana in all its variations will be needed to overcome the stigma associated with it.

Many people do not even realize that cannabis has the potential to become the new age pharmaceutical. Even though the billion dollar drug companies will have something to say about this the possibility is there and it will take the community to overcome these defiant billion dollar lobbyists. In the meantime all we can do is share the benefits of cannabis with those that are unaware and hope for the best.




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