Medical Marijuana studies have recently surfaced showing major health benefits of using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

For centuries, people have been familiar with the euphoric benefits of using marijuana, but studies are now showing that compounds within Cannabis can be used for a much broader use and treatment for major illnesses and diseases including epilepsy & seizures, brain cancer, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, tumors, and more. With that mind many are realizing cannabis legalization is what our society needs.

This video takes a look at a child who suffers from more than 300 seizures per day that is being denied the use of medicinal marijuana due to federal restrictions and laws. As a mother who is desperately seeking treatment, find out what lengths she will go to in order to be able to provide access to this illicit and long debated miracle “drug”.

After much debate, major news networks are beginning to follow the legalization trend. We see faces like Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Fox News, CNN, and NBC which are all buzzing about the benefits and legalization activism towards cannabis.

Society has long has a harsh stigma surrounding pot-users. But now that the plant is becoming more socially acceptable, it’s time to break down the barriers of thought surrounding this controversial topic. Even discussing this can be offensive to some, but for those who are suffering and looking for hope, legal treatment and access may not be far off.

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  1. IIxxxMRBOBxxxII

    Marijuana should be legalized but make no mistake about it,the stuff is
    poison.It’s no different than alcohol in that it kills brain cells and
    makes you sick.It CAUSES cancer,it doesn’t cure it.The stuff doesn’t cure
    anything.It has no medicinal use
    whatsoever.Tobacco,Alcohol,Caffeine,Marijuana and every other drug should
    be avoided but locking people up for possessing,selling or using these
    substances is just insane.Putting poison into your own body should not be a


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