Being a fan of basketball and cannabis, it seemed creating our own healthy organic edible line would be a greta idea! We could get all of our athletic friends to try it out and help us make the brand better. Our only problem was we did not have experience sourcing cannabis for commercial purposes.

So we decided why not start off small and see how we can create the best cannabis edible for athletes possible. Once we find our product market fit and create the bets product possible we could start pitching investors to scale our operations.

Being on the court all the time, we preferred something fresh when we got off. Baked goods could be too heavy and considering all the sugar it might not be the best product. So we decided to make a THC drink that could help with recovery and rest. The method was slightly different then making traditional baked good where you could just use cannabis infused cooking oil. With the cannabis juice we just blended up the leaves with the other items in the blender.

Once we had a final product we tried different flavors and went out to get feedback on our cannabis juice. Initially everyone complained about the taste so we added brown sugar, strawberry and mango. The benefit of the mangos are the terpenes in the mango that increases the THC effect. The other items were just to improve the flavor profile.

As expected the results were many satisfied friends and family. A refreshing drink after a long hooping session can make you feel like a champ.

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