Watching a review of some purple urkle and white fire from the well-known mission organic in San Fransisco. White fire is a popular marijuana strain that has become well-known around California for its potency.

Have you heard about Weed Wars? The story behind one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the world?


Courtesy: Youtube

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  1. williams jerry

    Hello to all my cancer patients and weed lovers check this out *White
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    Kush… *Bubba Kush… *Purple Haze… *Russian kush… *Himalayan Gold.*O?
    G Kush..*Sour Diesel.AK-47 a.k.a Special-K.*Great White Shark.Bonana
    Kush.*White Widow X Northern Lights? #5.Bubblegum Kush.California Orange
    Bud.Purple Skunk:Sour Mist:*Super Haze:.White Russia:.White Widow.Jack
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  2. JrfGoesToSchool

    seems really expensive.. thats like prices we pay in florida and we cant
    even grow it ourselves >_> grow your shit

  3. KwesCHenebel

    i dont know man, 30 dollars for an 1/8th of some good tree is pretty good.
    expensive tree is like 55 an 1/8th


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