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Smoking and showing sky walker OG, pineapple express & space queen medical marijuana strains. And chugging a couple beers. P.S. watch me will the sun to come out! Lmao

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  1. Matt Stocks

    Haha you’re kinda behaving like ur at a frat party or something bro, taking
    a bong hit then chugging a beer… Slow it down!

  2. BekimUnikkatilPS33

    How is this a review u didnt even explain how they smoke how it exhales and
    all that bs ??

  3. Michael Roix

    Damn never seen a white boy chug tecate down like that that shot strong

  4. Marco Varela

    Just smoked pineapple express and saw this video and at the end he says
    have a good Saturday and its Saturday morning now! Damn.. That was tight.


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