Guys? Guys? I think my prayers have just been answered. Say goodbye to the lame-o booze cruises and Mardi Gras madness — the latest and greatest vacation is finally here.

A 170-acre resort in Durango, Colorado (where, you might remember, weed’s totally legal for adults to use) called CannaCamp boasts that it’s the world’s first cannabis resort, and I desperately wanna take a quick vacation there.

No more will you have to sneak joints in secret outside bars and behind restaurants. No more hotboxing your car so you and your buddies can have a good time. No more staying dry for your whole vacation week because you couldn’t figure out how to bring weed on the flight to the family cabin, out in the middle of nowhere. Because CannaCamp has you covered.

Stylized as “A BUD + BREAKFAST MOUNTAIN RESORT,” CannaCamp will let you blaze anywhere except in your cabin (for safety reasons, duh). On the ranch with a beautiful view of the mountains, smoking bong in hand, how could you stress about a single thing?

Even bigger than the view, though, is the promise that you’ll be safe and comfortable wherever you feel like lighting up. Nothing kills a good buzz like paranoia, and if you’re anything like me, smoking in anywhere but a fully weed-sanctioned event can be a recipe for disaster.

On top of this, the camp offers a variety of outdoor activities and “cannabis activities,” which include: Cooking With Cannabis, Cannabis Yoga, and Cannabis Education.
Cannabis Vactations
What makes this really cool is that it’s all inclusive: a total marijuana noob, someone who’s never tried the stuff before, could show up to CannaCamp and feel completely welcomed.

At the bottom of their website, the text asks if I’m “ready to explore the world of legal cannabis.”

Did they even have to ask?!

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